Who is your favorite singer 7

My favorite singer - my favorite band

7TH AND 8TH GRADUATION (secondary school)


It's all about this:

Using specific questions, the students research information about their favorite singers or band.
This information is then summarized for a short presentation in a presentation or a poster.


Working field cultural dimension

The students …

  • explain the effect of music
  • organize Music different styles too
  • organize cultural-historical connections with regard to the origin, distribution and consumption of music to


Phase 1 - entry:

First, watch music videos of your favorite singers - favorite band and decide on one adult Song you want to introduce: it contains no violence, no insults, no pornographic representations.


Phase 2 - development:

Find out more about your band / singer on the internet. You can find help here, for example: https://www.laut.de or https://www.wikipedia.de

Answer the following questions:

  1. When and where was the group founded / was the first appearance?
  2. What are the names of the members of the band?
  3. What genre / style of music does the band / singer play?
  4. How many albums have been released so far?
  5. Which song was particularly successful?
  6. What is the song you chose about? What is the video about?
  7. How is the song structured? (Number of stanzas, chorus)
  8. Which instruments are playing?
  9. What's the tempo of the song? (slow - medium - fast)

Phase 3 - backup:

Using your answers, create a poster or a presentation about your favorite singers - favorite band and prepare a short lecture (5-10 min.) For it.

You can find help here:

Notes for accompanying adults

The linked web content has been checked for content. Let your child work on the materials at their own pace.

Only when students can explain the content to others in a comprehensible way, the facts are understood.


Provided by: Author: Wilfried Rengelshausen; Specialist advice music Lower Saxony state school authority, 04/2020