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Watch ARD online legally and free of charge

The broadcaster ARD offers you numerous well-known formats such as Tatort or For God's sake. We'll tell you which Internet TV providers have the station in their program and how you can receive ARD as a live stream on your smartphone or tablet.

ARD in live stream! So you can watch the station legally and free of charge - on TV or online on your PC and mobile phone.

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since 5:15 p.m. - Since 1994 the tabloid magazine produced by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk has been reporting on celebrities, the latest fashion from Paris and the world or current events in the European royal houses.

daily News

Today, 8:00 p.m. - As one of the oldest surviving news programs on German television, the magazine has been broadcast since December 1952. It reports on current events at home and abroad.

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Night magazine

The news magazine informs late at night about current events and the latest events in business, politics, sport and culture. The show has been broadcast since 1995.

In addition to the ability to access Das Erste via streaming service, ARD offers you a real live stream on its website. The stream runs 24/7 and corresponds to the real TV signal, you only have to accept a small delay. The ARD stream can only be received regularly in Germany, here we explain how you can receive the stream abroad.

Watch ARD live stream free and legally online

You can use ARD for free via the TV streaming app Zattoo. That works even if the transmitter is not included in the German free package. We explain exactly how this works in the following streaming insider tip.

If you subscribe to one of the following online television offers, you can watch ARD online. All TV streaming providers also have an iOS and Android app with which you can watch ARD live on your mobile device. Most providers even offer apps for Android TV, Samsung Tizen and Amazon Fire TV. We have deposited details on this on the respective provider pages.

With these TV streaming apps you can watch the live stream of ARD online - sometimes without registration and free of charge.

Watch ARD online in your browser

You can also watch ARD in your browser without any problems. You can find the legal live streams from ARD for this below. Unless otherwise indicated, you neither need to register, nor do you have to pay for the stream.

Tip! If you prefer the simple browser, you should take a look at this list: Get 175 TV channels for free in the live stream.

Since all streams run directly in the browser, you can start the stream on a laptop and connect it to the television. With the appropriate resolution and bandwidth, you will get a full picture on your television. Alternatively, you can make your television "smart" and then start the stream directly on the television using the integrated browser.

This is even more convenient with TV sticks or streaming boxes. You can simply connect this to the HDMI port on your television and then use streaming apps. You can find out which devices this works with and which are particularly good by comparing the best TV sticks and streaming boxes.

IPTV: ARD received via the DSL connection

Some providers offer you the option of receiving the TV signal via your DSL connection. In contrast to classic streaming, these offers are provider-specific in most cases. In some cases these services also differ technically from the competition in that special receivers are required, for example. We compared the largest IPTV providers in a comparison. There you can find out more about the costs and scope of the individual IPTV offers.

You can receive ARD with the following IPTV providers. The necessary transmitter packages are listed separately.

  • You can only subscribe to MagentaTV (previously EntertainTV) if you are a Telekom customer. Non-Telekom customers can use the MagentaTV app.

  • You can only subscribe to Vodafone GigaTV Net (previously VodafoneTV) if you are a Vodafone customer. Non-Vodafone customers can use the GigaTV app.

  • 1 & 1 requires a 1 & 1 VDSL 50 connection.

    ✓ HD | from € 4.99 per month | HD
    ✓ HD Plus | from € 9.99 per month | HD

If you are interested in one of the IPTV offers, take a look at the combination tariffs for Internet, television and landline. The bottom line is that these tariffs - called "triple play" - offer a very good price-performance ratio. Before doing this, you should definitely check whether you meet the necessary connection requirements and make sure that these offers are provider-bound. It is also worth taking a look at the smaller, local providers.

Record ARD online and access it later as a stream

That works too ... Various providers offer you the option of an online video recorder. There you can program recordings and later retrieve them and stream them to your devices.

These providers allow you to record ARD programs online with their apps.

  • At Zattoo you need the "Ultimate" package to be able to record ARD online.

  • SaveTV allows recordings from ARD in the following packages.

    ✓ Base | from € 6.99 per month | SD
    ✓ XL | from € 6.99 per month | HD
    ✓ XXL | from € 6.99 per month | HD
  • YouTV allows ARD recordings in all packages. The only thing that matters is that you have enough free space on YouTV.

Online recordings of ARD broadcasts can be done, for example, with providers such as Save.TV, YouTV or waipu.tv. With all providers you can program your favorite formats and view or download them at a later date.

A Combination of live stream and recordings for ARD, Zattoo offers the "Ultimate" package. There you can have up to 100 hours recorded online and then stream it. You can find details on this in the Zattoo package overview.

We have media libraries that offer entire episodes in the stream for you in our special "Program missed? Watch entire episodes in the media library". There you can have a look around as soon as you have missed a broadcast on the public or various private channels.

Alternative reception options for ARD

If your satellite receiver or TV does not find "ARD", you can use the frequency table to restrict the search. Some stations can also be received via different satellites or in HD, if we have the necessary data, the associated frequencies are also in this table.

#The first about AstraThe first HD over Astra
satelliteAstra 19.2 E.Astra 19.2 E.
Transponder no.1.1011.019
frequency11836 MHz11494 MHz
Symbol rate27500 kSym / s22000 kSym / s
defaultDVB-S DVB-S2 (HD)
languageGerman, unknownGerman, unknown
PayTV package--

You can also watch ARD via a DVB-T2 stick on the PC or with the appropriate hardware on the TV. Note that you also need a smart card from freenet TV for private channels. You can find out more about this in our special on DVB-T2.

Do you have reception problems at ARD? Check our malfunction report for ARD to see whether there is currently a malfunction - regardless of whether it is via satellite, cable or DVB-T2, we will try to provide you with help and advice.

Teletext in the first: call up teletext online

You can access the teletext pages of ARD not only on TV, but also online. All you need is a browser, Flash or other plugins are not required. Just click on this link and enter the desired teletext page.

ARD program

The first wants to convince a more adult target group with a broad program. In addition to numerous information programs such as the topics of the day, panorama or contrasts, the public broadcaster also offers various comedy and cabaret programs. The ARD talk shows are particularly popular.

"Anne Will" and "hard but fair" shed light on the current political situation about once a week. In addition to other programs on a wide variety of topics, Erste also regularly shows high-quality films. You can find stations with a similar program in addition to brief program descriptions in the list below.

Top series and shows on ARD

The list below shows you series and shows that run on ARD. You can receive the series via a live stream provider, watch them normally on television or watch them as a stream on a streaming service. You can find out which options you have by clicking on the respective logo.

If we list TV streaming services above in the article, you can watch these ARD series and shows live online.