How do I start a crypto currency project

May 25, 2016

The world's first (Nonprofit Mining Organization) breaks all RECORDS after a few days. WHY?

This world's first DAO Company (Nonprofit Mining Organization) is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is unbelievable how many people have registered for free so far, there are people who already have partners up to the 8th level! This in less than 24 hours is absolutely amazing and will break all records!

  • Your strong partner with a lot of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies & blockchain
  • A remuneration system that leaves nothing to be desired
  • Build your own "mining company" in the company
  • Win customers and participate through "mining" computing power
  • Win license partners and earn money from all sales worldwide
  • Benefit from the upcoming retirement plan & Tesla car concept


Just two months after the start of the pre-launch phase, over 50,000 people had expressed their interest in a license partnership. Since the official start on August 1st, 2016, this company has been growing daily around the globe. In the future, there will be no route in the field of cryptocurrencies directly or by a product from this company.

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has had an exciting roller coaster ride - and you were probably there too. If you missed the bitcoin hype, you will now get a brief introduction to the history of the digital currency: While the concept was still in the foreground around 2010, the first bitcoin exchanges came on the market in 2011 (just think of the equally famous like infamous Mt Gox exchange). After an initial bubble, the mining boom then raged in 2013: everyone wanted a piece of the lucrative Bitcoin pie and at times a single BTC was worth over $ 1,000.

Then in 2014 came the alternatives - the altcoins - which were supposed to compete with the “bubble currency” Bitcoin. Some, like the halfway famous Dogecoin, were more of a fun project, while others were to be taken seriously. For investors, the altcoins were at least a way to diversify their portfolios. By 2015 at the latest, it will be too expensive for private miners to generate bitcoins: The effort is so high that the electricity costs for generating bitcoins no longer do justice to the income.

Now you might be wondering how you can still make money from mining. The answer is already there - in the form of this project.

You could also say: everyone works for one and one works for everyone! Nevertheless, it makes sense to immediately place the best people in your Ethereum network under you. This is the fastest way to fill your own matrix and get the highest profit.

The most innovative cryptocurrency project AVALON peace project! Digital income and life system!
Cryptocurrencies continue to boom very reliably. The world is simply inconceivable without blockchain-based finance. But: There are over 600 (!) Different currencies. Aside from fun things like Dogecoin, there are still hundreds of different currencies that are theoretically worth your time. But how do you know which altcoin has the highest potential compared to classic bitcoin? You cannot laboriously analyze every coin individually.

A crypto expert from Switzerland is therefore your salvation: With sufficient know-how, a Bitcoin alternative can be realized that is more than just hot smoke. Tom Koller has therefore set up his own large mining farm on Costa Rica, which is based on solar technology. This is of course one of the biggest advantages of Ethereum mining: You don't have to worry about high electricity costs, as the electricity practically falls from the sky with the sun and is free of charge. The main reason why Bitcoin mining is no longer worthwhile - the high electricity costs - is immediately rendered harmless.

All right - but how do I benefit from it?
Koller deals with the mining of bitcoins, but relies on your help to get enough computing power for the Ethereum currency. If you participate financially in this company, you will receive the right to use the mining services of the project - for a lifetime. You can decide for yourself which coins you want to have processed and are therefore not necessarily dependent on Ethereum in the long term. It is best to imagine Mr. Koller as an expert who will advise you on mining and the Ethereum blockchain, but who will ultimately give you a free hand.

But: you have to be quick. This idea of ​​practically free Bitcoin mining is announced through network marketing. Little by little, everyone who already has a penchant for mining and cryptocurrencies will be informed about it. This is exactly why you have to act quickly! It is worthwhile to be there from the beginning in order to get the best possible place in the matrix.