How can I make 10000 this week

“I walked 10,000 steps a day and now I see the world with others Eyes"

Tennis, cycling, swimming, skiing, the gym - I was pretty sporty when I was young. That was bad luck, however, as I could draw on it for too long. And remained relatively efficient, even if I did less and less. In my middle years I noticed that I was already running out of air just blowing out the birthday candles, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. Family, job, all sorts of things occupied me - and I hardly had any time for exercise.

Even though I live only two kilometers from my place of work, I used to drive there until recently.

Even though I live only two kilometers from my place of work, I used to drive there until recently. In turn, I took the elevator to my desk on the second floor, where I stayed more or less until evening. And hardly at home, I went straight as an arrow onto the couch, on which I was loitering like a Roman emperor. I liked it a lot, but my lower back and my intervertebral discs didn't like it at all.

I'm 58 now and I'm finally back on the right path to getting old as a stone. This is due to the recommendation I read somewhere to take 10,000 steps a day. When I saw that, I was immediately hooked. After all, that little bit of exercise should be enough to strengthen the muscles and the cardiovascular system, to increase bone density and to prevent damage to the foot, knee and hip joints. Apart from that, the blood values ​​would even improve, and it should also work against stress and depression.

Well, I thought, sitting too much anyway. Gemmas on! And then the “Health” app on my iPhone was no longer pointless - it was busy counting.

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Week 1: I'm shaken

Monday: Today's office worker only takes around 1,200 steps a day. Depending on whether you're wriggling or wearing seven-mile boots, that's a mere 630 to 730 meters. Shocking! But well, that's an average. Am i average Just! “Easy 5,000 steps,” I say to my wife. “I bring them together one hundred percent, even when I'm on the road as normal. You can walk practically everything on foot. ”-“ Definitely to the ice chest and the sofa, ”she says dryly. She is not really a support for me in sporting matters.

“You'll see!” I mumble defiantly, then get into the car and drive to the editorial office. In the evening, hardly at home, I head straight for the sofa and look at the counter for the first time: 1,400 steps! “More than average!” I say to Madame with pretended pride, but, to be honest, I am appalled by the poor result and I resolve to consciously walk more tomorrow.

All in all, I still don't get much more than 5,800 steps - all in three days. A drama.

Tuesday to Thursday: It pours ceaselessly. Smart tips such as leaving the car behind or getting off the tram a few stops before the destination don't help me. At least I try to do meters at work. That works quite well. Instead of taking the elevator, I walk. Brings for two floors: 104 steps up and down. Instead of calling the room at the end of the hall, I drop by in person. Another 96 steps there and back - including a small welcome drink, allegedly I haven't been seen for months. All in all, I still don't get much more than 5,800 steps - all in three days. A drama.

Friday: Windy, cloudy, cold - but no rain. So it's a premiere today, I'm going to work on foot. And am amazed at what I get. At a house that I have passed a thousand times, I notice a statue and interesting architectural details for the first time. I am amused by a display of wildly patterned house dresses. And in a small bakery that I have never noticed before, I have an espresso. I enjoy the voyage of discovery, when I arrive at the editorial office, I'm already 2,800 steps and a highly regarded appearance behind me. Great show as I wade past the elevator towards the staircase. Envious “sporty, sporty!” Shouts, mocking clapping, perplexed faces. "Is he late?" Who asks. “The elevator comes the same anyway,” says another. A few steps above them I wave nobly like the Queen down to the waiting people, full of pity for the unsporting people.

This is different with escalators. My Bastard likes to drive it, and if he barks too loudly, I give in.

By the way: to my amazement, from that day on I should never enter an elevator again. Of course, the phenomenon helps me that an elevator is in principle always the furthest away from the point at which I could get on. This is different with escalators. My bastard likes to drive it, and if he barks too loudly, I'll give in.

But back to that premiere day. I bring a total of 7,500 steps together. Not bad, but still frustrated. It feels like I've already done two marathons - and yet I don't even scratch the 10,000 mark.

So shopping makes you fit - a finding that I will of course not reveal to Madame.

Saturday: I need a few clothes to wear, I'm out and about in the mall, and I can't see that fast, I have 7,300 steps on the speedometer. Interesting! So shopping makes you fit - a finding that I will of course not reveal to Madame.

By the way, she is now wondering why I voluntarily walk into the supermarket to fetch the butter that she forgot to buy. Already on the way there I can feel the triumph that is close by, and when I look at the cell phone in front of the refrigerated shelf again, it's finally time: 10,200 steps!
I raise my hands like Usain Bolt after the finish line, screaming: "This is what winners look like!"

The sausage seller is irritated.

Sunday: Setback. We are invited to the neighbors for a barbecue. One stands around the fire. Beer is within reach. Virtually zero steps. My guilty conscience forces me to ride my bike in the evenings. If I pedal slowly through the area for an hour, I think that should be enough for 10,000 steps. But it doesn't. Corresponds to only 7,500 steps. Better than nothing, but I am disappointed.

Week 2: Ambition seizes me

Monday to Friday: The weather forecast predicts sunshine throughout; I choose to walk to work every five days. That works quite well until Wednesday, when I oversleep and dodge through the streets in the car. Because it costs me 4,800 steps, I'm upset.

Yes, it could be that I get a little ambitious. Incidentally, Madame also notices that. For example, because she has to wait for fresh breakfast rolls until lunch on Saturday. "I did a few more laps, scores points," I explain, beaming with joy. And that I get the best ideas while strolling. Incidentally, your narrowed eyes do not trigger an argument, because if you walk for a long time, you will soon be very balanced. At the end of the week, I took 10,000 steps four times, and once I even reached 15,000. Physically, I don't feel the increase in performance yet, but the data alone makes me feel euphoric and push me to do even more. Otherwise I won't worry any more. When a colleague asks me what I feel when I walk, I have to disappoint her: “Well, nothing, I'm not making a science out of it. I just go. "

Week 3: I get addicted

Maybe measuring is a typical male thing. In any case, I notice that I'm staring at the cell phone more and more often. That's why Tuesday hit me over a taut dog leash, while still in flight I say loud and clear "Three thousand two hundred thirty-one" and think about which distances I still have to walk to reach my target.

It now has to be 10,000 steps a day. Minimum! After all, there is time until midnight. And the early morning is also used. For example, I hold my cellphone tightly on the way to the bathroom. And dance while brushing your teeth like Muhammad Ali once did in the ring. Forward, backward, right, left - that counts. Even if you don't see it in the second, because the app reacts with a delay.

It would never occur to me to walk up St. Stephen's Cathedral to count stairs. I would do it because of the steps.

Incidentally, she also counts floors, but I'm not falling for that. It would never occur to you to walk up St. Stephen's Cathedral to count stairs. I would do it because of the steps.

Just like I recently renounced the car and public transport. The fact that this also benefits the environment is a positive side effect - but something else drives me: the next record! Saturday excursion, 25,000 steps, gasping, and off we go. If I see the graphic columns on the app grow, I'm happy, if the current one is below the 10,000 mark shortly before midnight, panic occurs. That's why I run around the dining table like crazy on Sunday. Still angry because I forgot the counting machine in the kitchen when I was carrying out the garbage. 48 steps lost pointlessly.

Week 4: I do the accounting

Madame hid my cell phone. She says that a break would be good for me. I don't like to agree with her, but the last few days have been quite exhausting. And so I allow myself to be persuaded to take stock of the situation first, before I continue to flutter around as if raised. It's no longer difficult for me. As you can see from my tight calves, I've built up muscles. And I've also become more persistent. Now I can walk five floors without breathing, long hikes don't tire me as much as they used to. Backache and problems with the knee joint are not worth mentioning, but the fitness center and my physiotherapist also have their share in this. Conclusion: I will continue!

Three months later: I'm on the right track

It takes an average of two to three months for something new to become a habit. The brain learns through repetition, and the more you do something, the faster it gets used to it. Taking 10,000 steps a day, i.e. walking about 6.5 kilometers, is no longer witchcraft for me. Often there are even more without investing a huge amount of time. If you just go for a lap during your lunch break instead of squeezing down a liver loaf while sitting. (And if I ever get a taste for the meat loaf - no problem either.)

The hunt for records is counterproductive, luckily it no longer troubles me. But longer walking has become an integral part of my everyday life, it has become a matter of course and is incredibly good for me. I actually only fall back below 3,000 steps if the cell phone doesn't count or I'm sick. But I'm not. Even my rather high cholesterol level is slowly falling again. As far as I know, Methuselah was 969 years old. Topping that won't be easy - but I'm working on it.

That I have learned

  • Lesson 1: Totally Misjudged. How many steps do you think you take every day? Whoever I asked this question answered full-bodied with: "At least ...", "Slightly ...", "Minimum ..." Be careful! Only those who count, come to the truth - and mostly to a guilty conscience. In any case, it was an incentive for me to do something immediately.
  • Lesson 2: act quickly. Walking is an Olympic discipline, but is generally not considered a top-class sport. It is all the more astonishing what this simple sequence of movements does. After just two weeks, I felt fitter and more comfortable all round. Most obvious: the stronger leg muscles. After three months, my very high cholesterol level even dropped - but this can also be related to a healthier diet, which for me is a result of daily exercise.
  • Lesson 3: Makes you want more. If you walk a lot, you automatically move towards health. With the daily exercise, I quickly developed the ambition to do more. Apart from a bit of cycling, I haven't done any sport. Now I sit in the saddle more often, and I do strength training once a week.
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