Can a blocked person send me messages

What if you block someone on Instagram? 2021

In the past few years, Instagram aka Insta has taken the world by storm, and now most of the people adore it. From reviving old friendships to tolerating someone spamming your timeline, everything happens on a daily basis. But when it gets too much, Instagram lets you take the tough steps.

Well, you can use the block option. It will be interesting to see what happens when you block a user on Instagram? In simple terms, the blocked profile cannot see your posts and stories. But is that it? What happens to everything else like comments, likes, messages, bios and other things?

Do not worry. We'll answer all of these questions in this post and help you understand what happens when you block someone on Instagram.

Let's jump in.

Is your profile accessible via search?

Not really. Due to a cache problem, the banned person or you may be able to view the other person's profile through Search. However, this will stop after a few days.

Can blocked person see your Instagram profile and followers?

Yes. The blocked person can see your profile, but none of your posts, stories, or highlights on your profile. You may be wondering how. Well, sometimes through the search results and mostly from the previous comments, tags, or group messages.

Since Instagram does not delete previous comments, the blocked person will be transferred to your profile by tapping on them. You can see your profile picture, bio, number of photos and number of followers / followers. Your posts or stories will not be displayed for repetition. The area is displayed empty (see below).

The same also applies from your side. You can also visit the banned person's profile but not see exciting content such as posts or stories.

Can the blocked person see changes in their profile picture and bio?

Yes. If they can access your profile from previous comments or messages, or even from your username, they can see it - regardless of whether you have a public or private profile. That's because both the profile picture and bio are visible to everyone, even if you have a private profile. When you talk about organic, check out some of the cool organic tricks and hacks.

What happens to likes and comments?

Blocking does not delete the old comments or likes from each other's profile, as mentioned by Instagram. That is, the banned person can see your old comments on their profile, and in a similar way, you can see their comments on your profile. However, the likes will disappear from each other's point of view until you unblock.

Since you will not be able to view each other's profile, you will not be able to comment / comment on old or new pictures during the blocking period.

When it comes to likes and comments on other profiles, I couldn't see them for either the person who blocked me or the person I blocked. But Instagram says otherwise, and I'm quoting, "People you block can still see your likes and comments on posts shared by public accounts or accounts they follow."

Can blocked person mention or tag you

Surprisingly, the blocked person can mention or tag you with your username anywhere on Instagram. However, Instagram does not notify you of this. However, if you change your username, they won't be able to mention you as they don't have a new username. Likewise, you can mark the banned person (for whatever reason), but the mention will not appear in their activity.

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What happens when you block someone on Instagram messages (DM)

You may have noticed that the blocking option is also available in direct messages. However, unlike Facebook, which has different blocking in Messenger from Facebook, this is the same blocking feature that blocks the entire profile, not just messages.

Can you see old messages

When you block someone, your personal chat threads are hidden from each other in DMs. That is, the thread disappears and you will not be able to view the messages until you unblock it.

Can blocked person message to you

Yes and no. While the old chat thread disappears from each other's profile as mentioned above, the "Send Message" option available in the profile allows you to view past messages and even send new messages.

To do this, open the profile of the person who blocked you with previous tags or comments and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Select Send Message from the menu.

Note: The method can also be used by the person who blocked a person from viewing previous messages.

However, there is no point in doing that. That's because Instagram doesn't notify the other person of incoming messages. However, if you unlock the person, the messages will appear in the chat thread.

Can view blocked person online status

Last year Instagram launched the deadly final active status feature in Direct Messages. If you block someone, it will be withheld from them, and so will you, if enabled.

What happens to group messages?

If the blocked person and you are a member of the same group chat, blocking won't delete or remove you from the group. You can still send and receive messages.

In contrast to the block in WhatsApp, in which group messages are not affected, however, the new messages of the other group are not displayed. Old messages from each other can still be viewed. This gives you another way to access the profile. The hidden messages will reappear when you unlock the person.

Blocked differently on Instagram Story

You can't block anyone on the Instagram story. You can only mute or hide stories. When you mute a story, the other person's story is hidden from your profile. With the option to hide, you can limit the view of your story.

Does blocking on Instagram also block the person on Facebook?

No. If your Instagram account is linked to Facebook (FB), banning someone on Instagram will not affect your relationship with that person on Facebook.

If you prevent someone from commenting, they can see your posts

Yes. If you prevent someone from commenting on your posts, they will not be able to access your new or old posts, articles, and messages. Your old comments will remain.

If you don't know how to stop someone from commenting on your posts, go to Instagram Settings> Privacy & Security> Comment Control. Under Block comments from, add the people you don't want to comment on your posts.

Does Instagram notify people when you block them?

No Instagram will not send any notification to the blocked person.

Is the person no longer blocked?

Yes. If you block a person, you will no longer be able to follow them. They will also be removed from your followers. If you unlock them later, the two of you will have to follow each other again.

Do your followers know you've blocked someone?

No Only you and the blocked person will keep this deep, dark secret to themselves unless you tell someone.

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What if your Instagram profile is public?

All of the above remain true. The only difference is that the banned person can create a new Instagram account or use someone else's profile to view your posts and stories as public.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

There are many ways to identify that. First open your profile via tags or comments and check whether the number of posts is displayed in the profile without the posts. Second, in case your previous messages disappeared from your inbox but your profile is still showing up in group messages, it could also indicate that you have been blocked. After all, it's easiest to check from another profile (either your own or your friends).

What happens when you unblock someone on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, blocking someone removes you from each other's followers list. So if you unlock them, you will have to follow them again. Now if it's a public profile, you can view their posts and stories. For a private profile, you must first accept your request. You can then start liking and commenting on each other's profiles again.

For messages, the message thread will reappear with this person and you can send another text message. Both past and new messages received during the lock time (if you sent one) are also displayed.

In short, the two profiles behave like two normal profiles that do not follow one another.

How to block or unblock someone

To block a profile, do the following:

Step 1: Open the profile you want to block.

Step 2: At the top, tap the three-dot icon. Choose Block from the pop-up menu.

To unlock someone, repeat the above steps and click on the Unlock option. If you are unable to access their profile, go to your Instagram Settings> Privacy & Security> Blocked Accounts. Tap the profile you want to unlock. You will be redirected to your profile. Press Unlock.

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Think before you jump

Now you know what happens when you block someone on Instagram. So think twice before taking this important step. You should try other methods to avoid contact with them, such as: For example, mute your posts or messages, hide your stories, limit your stories to close friends, or remove stories from your followers.

Next up: Do you want to turn on your Instagram game? Check out these 21 useful tips and tricks for Instagram.