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English abbreviations have long been common on the Internet and electronic communication channels. They are used to shorten the messages. Some have become an integral part of professional communication in English, be it in e-mails or other documents. But what do FYI mean? XOXO? Or TBT? And ASAP? And LOL ??? Don't fall by the wayside. Learn ours now Choice of 20 English acronyms!

Last update: December 2nd, 2020

Let's face the facts: be it on the keyboard or on the mobile phone, nobody wants to lose valuable time typing. It does not matter whether an email is typed on the PC or chatting on the mobile phone. It is for this reason that abbreviations have become so popular and have become increasingly prevalent in everyday written communication.

We have compiled a list of the most important English acronyms to help you say more with less:

General English abbreviations ^

1. tbt: stands for throwback Thursday, translated it meant something like "Review Thursday" and is a theme day that has established itself on social media channels. This English abbreviation became a hashtag that is used on social networks to post photos, videos and content from the past.

2. lol: stands forlaughing out loudorlots of laughs. In German we would probably "Laugh out loud" or even "Laugh yourselves up" say. lol is one of the most frequently used English abbreviations on the Internet and in chats, and that on an international level.

3. xoxo: one of the cutest English abbreviations you will find on the internet and on social networks. xoxo stands for hugs and kisses. Translated: Kisses and hugs. As you may have guessed, this acronym has a graphical origin. Some see two lips touching in the X and four arms in the O that meet to embrace. Others, on the other hand, interpret the X as the representation of open arms facing a hug and the O as a synonym for a kissable mouth. Is not that cute?

4. brb: this acronym is super useful when you are chatting or texting someone and need to be away for a few minutes. brb means be right back. So in German we would say, “I'll be right back”.

5. idk: also common, idk stands for I do not know. So it's short for “I don't know”.

6. gf or bf: are the English abbreviations for girlfriend (“Girlfriend”) and boyfriend ("Friend"). 😉

7. (l) mirl: is an English acronym that falls into the category of initialism. It is (lets) meet in real life. Translated it means “let's meet in person”.


Children please “read away” once… ^

8. wtf: Much less “cute” but almost as often this acronym is used for what the fuckstands. Translated a little more finely in German would be “what the hell?” say. Of course, you shouldn't use this abbreviation in a professional context.

9. wth: an alternative to wtf, the for what the hell stands and with "what the hell?" literally translated. This acronym is used synonymously with its German translation.

10. f2f: stands for face to face and means in German “face to face” or “personally”.

11. omg: Another acronym that you will come across frequently in informal chats and conversations. omg stands for Oh my god!. It is synonymous with the German translation: “Oh my God!”.

12. bff: This abbreviation is one of the most common worldwide and also in German-speaking countries. bff stands for best friends forever. In other words, “best friends forever”.

13. ur: written in lower case or (even more often) in upper case, is UR used in English for you are abbreviate. In German it means nothing else than “you are” or “you are” (1st person in the polite form).

14. 2f4u: One of my favourites. This English acronym, which mixes letters and numbers, stands for the sentence: too fast for youwhat can be translated into German as “too fast for you” or “too fast for you”. And you would use it, for example, in a conversation with someone who types too slowly ...

15. noyb: Yet another favorite to complete this part of the list: noyb, so none of your business. This phrase will help remind nosy people of your privacy. Translated into German? “None of your business” or “none of your business”.


English abbreviations for the profession^

16. asap: stands for as soon as possibleand means “as soon as possible” in German. It is an acronym that is also used very widely in professional situations, in emails and other communication channels. So, if an English speaking supervisor asks you to get this report done as soon as we can, now you know, right?

17. fyi: another acronym widely used in the professional world. fyi, so for your information. In German: “for your information”. Make a note of it, you will find it often.

18. btw: also used very often, almost too often 😉 Be it in a professional context or in everyday exchanges of messages. btw stands for by the way and is translated as “by the way”.

19. thx/tnx/tx: yes ... you guessed right. These three similar English abbreviations stand for a word that is not too long: thanks ("Thanks").

20. imo: also a very common acronym that is used as a placeholder both in professional situations and in Internet chat. imo stands for in my opinion ("in my opinion"). You can also use the more polite variants imho: in my humble opinion ("In my humble opinion").


English abbreviations are divided into acronyms and initials ^

You may have noticed that the English abbreviations we have selected for you are slightly different from each other. They can be divided into two categories and are accordingly referred to as acronyms or initials. The term acronym comes from Latin and is derived from the combination of two Latin words: Acro(“Beginning”) and Onym (“Name” or “Word”). So it's already clear what an acronym is, right? These types of English abbreviations are usually formed from the initial letters of the original terms. Another characteristic of acronyms is that they can be pronounced. For example: lol or asap ... Another type of English abbreviation, the initialisms, represent a cross of letters, the elements of which are pronounced individually. Abbreviated names like that fall into this category United Nations, so U.N. (“United Nations”), the ccompact disc, so cd or the British Broadcasting Companywhich with BBC is abbreviated.


Learn the fyi, lol and asap to be included in your everyday life ^

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