Is eating roasted coffee beans harmful?

Can you eat coffee beans?

Most coffee lovers use coffee beans to brew their beloved coffee. For this, the coffee beans are ground and mixed with water. But can you also eat coffee beans? We don't find the question surprising. Something that is used to prepare one of your favorite drinks must also be able to be used and, above all, enjoyed differently. After all, time brings more and more edible coffee beans offerings.

Of course, roasted coffee beans can be safely consumed. Despite the uplifting effect, they are not toxic or harmful in any way. However, the same rule applies here as for all foods: They should be consumed in moderation and not in bulk.

One can imagine that there is not only a lot of caffeine in the ready-made coffee, but also in the coffee beans. In comparison, a cup of espresso has the same caffeine content as 15 to 25 coffee beans. Hence our advice: don't eat too many coffee beans at once. Prefer to enjoy a small amount and in peace. Approximately 30 minutes after consumption, the caffeine in the coffee beans begins to work. Usually the effects wear off after about two to four hours. In rare cases, however, it lasts up to ten hours at. It also makes a difference whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, because the effects of caffeine last longer in non-smokers.

Of course, depending on the composition of the beans, they taste a little different. Some taste a bit sour, others rather bitter or mild. Some people even find the taste of coffee beans hearty. You just have to try it out there and find your own favorites. In any case, the full aroma of the coffee beans tastes good when they are bitten into and thus practically ground. Fortunately, with this type of coffee enjoyment, you can't burn your tongue or spill it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Coffee beans are now part of many drinks and dishes. Regardless of whether alcoholic, as with Sambuca or in one Vinaigrette for the salad or in desserts like cake, pudding and quark - the brown bean should not be missing.

If you haven't tried it yet, feel free to try it! It is worth a try. Then you can always treat yourself to a liquid coffee specialty.


"A good morning coffee removes grief and worries." That is his motto. Every now and then it can be a shot of milk in the coffee - preferably as a fine creamy milk foam like from the Crema Duo.