What is the best Instagram filter

When we look around on Instagram, we often think: Wow! Great photos! But where do I get this filter from? And where can you find this cool frame? Sure, Instagram itself also has a selection of editing functions and filters. But don't you sometimes wish a little more? For this reason you have probably typed "edit photos app" into Google a number of times and have been flooded by a multitude of programs for image editing. Which photo editing app should you then choose? Many do not even use an app, but instead use expensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop, to which not everyone has access. We have taken your work off the table and are now introducing you to the best apps with effects, filters and many other options for editing your photos. Here we go! By the way: Here you will also find apps by women for women, dating apps and hairstyle apps.

Editing photos in the app: you should know that beforehand

Before you decide on an app or a program for image editing, you should first ask yourself, why you even want to edit one or the other photo of yourself and what kind of function photo editing should have. Currently you can see more and more filters, effects and co. That are on all Instagram pictures. Users use such apps to cheat themselves to be slimmer, to retouch pimples on the body or to make their lips look fuller. The problem with this: Many of these photos do not reflect reality and make others feel that they should change something about their body.

Of course, everyone should and is allowed to decide for themselves how they want to present themselves on social media, however, such highly edited images should not be used to mislead others. Apart from the virtual beauty procedures, certain apps naturally also have other "harmless" effects on them that are beneficial for landscape, still or portrait photography.

Editing photos in the app: You should know these programs

Do you want to give your pictures a little more pep? Adjust the brightness and color, retouch little things or insert a text? Then you should know these apps.


What the app can do: Image editing is super fast with Afterlight. In addition to classics such as exposure, contrast, saturation and the like, you can choose between almost 60 filters, different textures, light effects and frames.

This is what it costs: Afterlight costs 3.49 euros for iOS and 0.73 euros for Android.

Photo Editor by Aviary

What the app can do: Our favorite among the apps is Photo Editor by Aviary App! With this app you can not only improve your photos with one click, but also beautify them with stickers and lettering. Particularly cool: the meme feature! Of course, brightness, saturation, sharpness, etc. can also be regulated, there are numerous effects for images and cosmetic tools and functions such as removing red eyes or editing whiter teeth. We like!

This is what it costs: iOS and Android free of charge, but you can still buy other effects, etc.


What the app can do: If you are looking for an app with which you can edit your selfies and portraits, Facetune is just the thing for you. Let impurities disappear, smooth your skin or make your teeth whiter in a few simple steps - who still needs Adobe Photoshop? But watch out: Of course, you shouldn't overdo it with image editing. Remember: naturalness always goes down well!

This is what it costs:4.49 euros for iOS and 3.99 euros for Android


What the app can do:With Snapseed you get the functions of professional image editing software on your smartphone. With one tap you can retouch photos and images, adjust perspectives and exposure and edit. Of course, there are also different frames, effects and filters that make every photo an eye-catcher.

This is what it costs: You can download Snapseed for iOS and Android free of charge.


What the app can do: VSCO Cam is basically an alternative camera for your smartphone, with which you can not only take photos, but also edit them like a professional. Tools include lighting, sharpening, filtering, and cropping. You can also publish your photos in your own journal, show other photographers and look at their photos. With VSCO Cam it is also possible to synchronize the images with different devices and edit them there.

This is what it costs: The basic version of VSCO Cam is available free of charge for iOS and Android. You can buy additional filters if required.


The app can do that: One of our other favorites is the PicsArt app, which contains many functions similar to Photoshop, just for mobile devices. Not only can you make photo collages, thanks to the image editing functions and tools you can soften photos, insert more light into the image so that it looks like you've worked with softboxes and you can round off your masterpiece with stickers.

What it costs: You can download PicsArt for iOS and Android free of charge.

Edit photos in the app: More useful programs for Instagram

You don't just want to edit your pictures, but also longer ones Post videos, Edit films so that it looks like you are working with softboxes, making great story templates or planning your feed in advance, all from your mobile device? We'll tell you more apps with cool tools that are perfect for Instagram here! Some of these apps are free as long as you use the basic version. Once you want more effects and more photo editing tools, you may have to pay for a Pro version.


What the app can do: You don't always find the time to post something on Instagram every day, but you really want to increase your number of followers? With the Later app, you can schedule your photos - they will then be automatically uploaded at a later time. Pretty handy, isn't it?

This is what it costs: Later is available to download free of charge for iOS and Android.


What the app can do:Do you love posting stories on Instagram? Then you should definitely get the Unfold app! Numerous templates in a minimalist design and different colors are waiting for you here, which you can add and edit with different fonts. Depending on the layout, you can insert a photo or several images in a template. This way your photos come into their own in the stories.

This is what it costs: The basic version of the app is free for both iOS and Android! But you have the option of expanding your selection of templates and switching from the basic version to Pro layouts. You can purchase these in the app.

Canva Stories

What the app can do:Also a super cool app to create and edit stories. You can integrate photos and videos into the templates and choose different layouts, shapes and sizes. There are also no limits when it comes to color, even in the basic version.

This is what it costs: The Canva Stories app is free in the basic version! You can purchase a few additional features, but they are not necessary.


What the app can do:With the CutStory app, you can not only cut long videos into 15-second sequences and post them in your stories, you can even create slide shows and edit your videos. Whether with stickers, music or lettering - you are spoiled for choice!

This is what it costs:CutStory is free for iOS, but unfortunately the app is currently not available for Android. But there are good alternatives for Android users such as Story Cutter.


What the app can do:Do you love to take photos of sights while sightseeing in order to post them later on Instagram or even have them developed and hang them up in the apartment? Then the SKRWT app could be of great help to you. Because it enables you to optimize the perspective of your photo and to clean the lines.

This is what it costs:SKRWT is available for iOS devices at a price of 2.29 euros in the app store. For Android devices at a price of 1.49 euros in the Google Play Store

Pic collage

What the app can do:If you are a big fan of collages and want to cut several pictures together, you should take a look at the Pic Collage app, because here you get several templates. You can also add stickers and text to your collages!

This is what it costs: Pic Collage can be downloaded free of charge for iOS devices and Android!

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