How do I check my creditworthiness

Do you know your credit rating?

Request your creditworthiness certificate today and document your good creditworthiness vis-à-vis third parties:


1. Upload ID

Just upload your ID. In this way we can check your identity and protect your data from misuse.

2. Add data

Not all of the information we need can be queried using an ID. Therefore, a few more pieces of information are necessary.

3. Verify with mTan

Identify yourself with the mobile transaction number sent to your cell phone number.

4. Obtained result

Once all the data has been recorded, it only takes a few seconds and you have clarity about your creditworthiness.

additional Information

Would you like to find out more about ScoreMe and creditworthiness? In the advisory area you will find all relevant information on the subject of creditworthiness.

Check your creditworthiness now

You can get a quick and free assessment of your creditworthiness right here on ScoreMe.