How would you postpone the postponement?

Postponement of starting basic military service

General information

Eligible conscripts are entitled to a deferment from starting their basic military service if they have not been called up for military service within one year of their being eligible and if they would suffer a significant disadvantage due to an interruption in a school or university education or other vocational preparation that has already started.

Eligible conscripts are also entitled to a postponement of starting basic military service if further training has already been started before being called up for basic military service and an interruption of this training would mean extraordinary hardship.

If military interests are not in conflict, deferment can be granted until completion of training, but no later than September 15 of the calendar year in which the conscript turns 28.

Competent authority

The supplementary department (→ BMLV) of the respective military command (→ BMLV)

Required documents

Proof of school or professional training (e.g. apprenticeship contract, current school or enrollment confirmation)

Additional Information

When the notice of postponement of basic military service is issued, an already legally effective call-up becomes ineffective.

To the form

Basic military service - application for postponement (→ BMLV)

Last updated: February 19, 2021

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