Is anal sex normal

How normal is anal?

In the past, it was mainly men who wanted anal sex, today there are almost as many women. About 50 percent of heterosexual couples have relevant experience. It is unclear, however, whether more anal intercourse is actually practiced these days or whether the willingness has simply increased to state this in surveys.

Facts. The anus with its many nerve endings is a highly aerogenous zone - in both men and women. The narrowness of the anal opening increases the stimuli on those nerves that conduct sensations from the sexual organs to the spinal cord and thus into the brain, which leads to a more intense sensation of pleasure.

The prejudice that anal sex is mainly practiced by homosexual men is wrong. Nonetheless, many men are afraid of being considered "gay" if they express a desire for anal cuddles. This is more than understandable, as the male counterpart to the G-spot is located here: the prostate. Stimulate it once - but not without first talking to your partner about it! Gently insert a finger into your loved one’s anus. Make sure your fingernails are cut and be sure to use lubricant! You can also use latex gloves or finger condoms. Light massaging can trigger an intense feeling of pleasure and even an orgasm. There are also sex toys specially designed for prostate massage.

In women, anal intercourse stimulates the so-called A-point and the vaginal tissue. Some women can orgasm just by doing this, most need additional clitoral stimulation. The active partner experiences more intense feelings due to the tight, muscular body opening.

Porn. In mainstream porn, anal intercourse is a regularly featured practice. On the one hand, this promotes the removal of taboos, on the other hand, many women feel under pressure. Talk about it openly with your partner! Getting involved in it to do him a favor or not to appear prudish is certainly the wrong way to go. If you refuse anal sex, it is your right and should be accepted by your partner. However, if you're curious but fear pain, hygiene, or other concerns, read these tips.

• Trust is important! The anus is a taboo and shame-filled area. It is all the more important that you feel safe and comfortable with your partner.

• Create a relaxed atmosphere, e.g. with a shared bath or a massage.

• Many women find anal sex more pleasant if their partner massages the sphincter muscle with their finger or pre-stretches them a little with a special anal toy. The opening of the anus is very narrow and not as easily stretchable as the vagina. It is therefore important to proceed cautiously and use plenty of lube.

• Only when your sphincter has got used to the finger or the sex toy should your partner try to penetrate carefully.

• The anal area is primarily there for excretions, which is why many people are afraid of "brown accidents". Normally, the feces only get into the rectum when it is emptied. However, it is possible that there are occasional fecal residues in the rectum. A condom not only protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also against feces on the penis.

• If you feel more confident, you can do an enema beforehand. Note, however, that this will take time. This method is not suitable for spontaneous sex.

What else you should know:

• Do not switch between anal and vaginal intercourse! Bacteria and germs can get into the vagina from the intestines.

• Body fluids don't just “go away”. As with vaginal intercourse, you have to expect that everything that goes into the body will come out again
must - be it ejaculate or air.

• Gynecologists do not recommend anal sex during pregnancy. The most important reason for this is a possible spread of germs. In addition, anal sex stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, which is considered to promote or trigger labor.

• Anal sex can also cause semen to get into the vagina and cause women to become pregnant.

So what is so appealing about anal sex? There is that wicked touch and with it the feeling of crossing a border; Curiosity and the desire to try something new. And this type of game is extremely intimate! With trust, empathy, and a few precautions, anal sex can be an asset to your sex life - if that's what you want and you're ready for it!