People really care and love each other

12 scientifically proven reasons to fall in love with you

Love has many components. Having butterflies in your stomach, feeling good, laughing together, taking care of each other and, last but not least, having the best friendship in the world. But it is often not that easy to find love.

How and when does it spark between two people and what are the causes? We looked at results from years of psychological research and looked for answers. We came across stupid myths, but also recognized that some clichés are actually true. Here you will find inspiration to make it work.

Are you interested in the environment

It's easy to be interested in the world around you, but it only comes across as authentic if you're really serious about it. A 2016 study found that people who shop responsibly are more attractive to people who are looking for a long partnership. This is because people who can sometimes cut back for a higher cause and who care about their environment are seen as attractive sexual partners. Those who mainly buy luxury items are perceived as more physically attractive, but mostly only in the short term.

Are "hard to have"

In a study from 2014, researchers found that men in a speed dating experiment wanted women more if they responded disinterestedly and disinterestedly to the other person's questions. However, this only applies to certain situations.

Above all, it was about the fact that men had to feel that they were getting involved with the woman, which in the study meant that they could choose their partner instead of just being assigned to her.

It is interesting that the men wanted the women more when it was “hard to get”, but they liked them less. This clearly shows that love is complicated.

Shows the correct facial expressions

Happiness written on one's face is attractive to women. This is less the case with men.

In 2011, behavioral researchers conducted an experiment on more than 1,000 people in which they showed participants photos of the opposite sex and asked how attractive they were to them.

The result showed that men rated women better if they looked happy. Men least of all liked women who looked arrogant. Women rated men best when they looked proud and worst when they looked happy.

What is surprising is that being “ashamed” was seen as quite attractive for both sexes.

If you look similar to the ex-partner, you have a good chance

We all like a certain guy, but women are more attached to that than men.

In 2011, a study revealed that both men and women found the faces of the opposite sex more attractive when they looked similar to their current or ex-partners. In men, however, this phenomenon was a little less pronounced than in women.

Gesturing makes you more attractive

Are you looking for love? Then it shows people - literally. Fill the space around you with large hand gestures and wide postures. A study from 2016, in which researchers observed men and women during speed dating, showed that people wanted to see their counterpart twice as often when they moved their arms and legs. Still sitting partners were less popular here.

The same study uploaded profile pictures to a dating app showing the person in both reserved and extroverted poses. People were selected more often when they made sweeping gestures.

your resemble your object of desire? Then let's go!

Decades of research have shown that the phrase "opposites attract" is not entirely true.

"Partners who are similar in important ways, such as personality and appearance, also feel more comfortable with such people in everyday life," says the lead author of a couple study, Gian Gonzaga, about people who met at eHarmony. "That makes it easier for the partners to understand each other."

If you look someone in the eye for two minutes, it sparks

Joan Kellerman, a University of Massachusetts psychologist, paired 72 students who didn't know each other and made them stare at each other for two minutes.

"They later said that they developed passionate feelings of love and affection for their counterparts," according to a scientific report. "The result shows that long eye contact can evoke feelings of love in people who have never been seen before."

The struggle for affection

Entering into a relationship and letting it grow depends largely on how the partners pay attention to each other.

In over 40 years of research, researcher John Gottman has learned that attention is key in a relationship. For example, if a bird lover discovers a gold throat, the man can either turn away disinterestedly or share the woman's enthusiasm and turn to her.

Emely Esfahani Smith reported on the Atlantic that there is a kind of staggering of attention. One of Gottman's studies was on married couples. Only 33 percent of couples who divorced after six years have “turned to their partner”. In the case of the non-divorced couples, that was 87 percent.

The nose has a say

A study by a Southern California university showed that ovulating women preferred t-shirts from men who were worn and had high testosterone levels.

This fits in with other hormone-based instincts: some women preferred men with a pronounced jawline when they were ovulating.

If you look like a parent to your crush, you're in good hands

David Perret, a psychologist with the University of St. Andrews, and his colleagues found that people find potential partners more attractive when they have the same color of eyes and hair. The age difference to the parents at birth also played a major role.

“We found that women with older parents (over 30) were less impressed by youth and more attractive men who showed signs of age. According to the authors, this phenomenon was not observed in women with younger parents (under 30). "For men, the main influences were the mother's age, not the father's, but only when it came to long-term relationships."

A dog makes you look more attractive

A 2014 experiment conducted with 100 Israeli women centered on reading and evaluating male profiles.

Whenever there was a man with a dog, women viewed the man as more suitable for a long partnership than a man without a dog.

The researchers concluded that possessing an animal sends certain signals to the other person. The assumption is that you are able to look after someone and enter into a longer partnership. An animal also makes you seem happier, more approachable and more relaxed.

You don't want to buy an animal? No problem, it helps to be seen with a dog, because that makes you look more attractive, so that a woman is more likely to have a date with you. In a 2008 study, a 20-year-old man approached hundreds of women and asked for their phone number. He was more successful when he had a dog with him.

Good chances if you look equally good or better

In a 1996 study, participants were rated based on their appearance and then randomly assigned to one another. Then they had to rate their satisfaction with the choice. The prettier participants were stricter in their assessment, even if they were assigned a partner who was roughly equally handsome. The better a participant looked, the less easy it was to satisfy them with the selection.

But this only applies to the really attractive people. The rest of us, according to the study, have a good chance with someone who is about as attractive as we are.