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Because it's what's inside that counts: 6 recipe ideas for stuffed zucchini

Stuffed zucchini with minced meat and cheddar

Your zucchini no longer just wants to be veggie? You can change that. Simply hollow out the zucchini, mix with the minced meat and pour everything back into the vegetables. Sprinkle some spicy cheddar on top - it disappears in the oven for a short time. To the recipe

Stuffed zucchini with tomato sauce and goat cheese

Red-white-green: Italy has not only prevailed here in terms of color, but also in terms of taste. The combination of tomato sauce and zucchini tastes wonderfully Mediterranean and is perfectly rounded off thanks to the mild goat cheese. To the recipe

Zucchini rolls with ricotta and basil cream

When do you look forward to rolls while eating? Well, if it's zucchini rolls that have been filled with a mild ricotta and basil cream. They taste so good that you are happy about every single one that ends up on your fork. To the recipe

Zucchini with tuna filling on tomato sauce

Here your zucchini is filled with tuna and topped with crispy croutons, before you can make yourself comfortable on tomato sauce. Then it goes into the warm oven, from there onto your plate and then straight into your mouth. A trip that was definitely worth it! To the recipe

Filled zucchini with quinoa - Greek style

Would you like a short trip to Greece? You can even taste a grilled zucchini. She brings the right accompaniment with her: quinoa, colorful cherry tomatoes, onions, feta and kalamata olives. To the recipe

Round zucchini filled with rice and scamorza

Small, round and perfect to be filled. But not just somehow, but with rice in combination with scamorza, parmesan and spring onions. This is how your zucchini can be seen. So get your fork and knife quickly! To the recipe

Your current motto is: less carbohydrates, more vegetables? It's just stupid that your desire for pizza, french fries, chips and pasta cannot be combined with your resolutions - think! Zucchini makes it possible and satisfies your cravings from fast food cravings to pasta hunger. Try it out - you will definitely not miss the missing carbohydrates.