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What matters to us: Be completely you

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By Viktoria Behrens, Hannah Steinhoff, Daniel Heuhsen, Alexander Gentler and Valentin Hildebrand.

Colorful instead of black and white, together instead of lonely, open instead of biased: Welcoming diversity and seeing it as an enrichment are the goals of Diversity and Inclusion. It is about promoting a togetherness in which differences such as age, gender, status, ethnic affiliation, religious convictions or sexual orientation are perceived as equal. Diversity can and should be, exclusion not - in terms of society as a whole and in terms of corporate policy.

For information and communication technology (ICT) companies in particular, a well thought-out Diversity management an essential indicator of their future viability. We live from creative ideas and innovations even more than many other industries. And our experience shows: The fastest and best solutions often emerge in mixed teams. Companies with a heterogeneous structure can react more flexibly and efficiently to new challenges.

EMEIA-wide campaign: the Diversity & Inclusion Week

This topic is so important to us that we will address it in September Fujitsu have given their own stage: with ours Diversity & Inclusion Weekheld at all locations in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA). Doris Kish, Diversity Manager at Fujitsu:

“Internationally, manager toolkits on the topics of inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural diversity, disability and LGBT + have been published, webinars have been held and virtual discussion forums have been held. There was also the photo challenge #BeCompletelyYou“.

The numerous actions that were implemented during the focus week also include the Introduction of a family service in Germany. If required, all employees can now receive individual advice on the areas of care, childcare, work-life balance and psychosocial support. In Augsburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Neckarsulm, Stuttgart and Ulm, our colleagues were able to find out about the possible assistance as part of a roadshow. Our partner will also be at other locations famPLUS stop with the roadshow.

Assume responsibility: socially, politically and for each individual employee

Five Fujitsu top managers were also available to answer questions. In one podcast each, they were challenged to further raise awareness of social diversity. In the interview you have exciting insights into different dimensions of diversity granted, told about their very personal experiences and successful programs such as B. Mentoring and reverse monitoring explained.

But the activities of the Diversity & Inclusion Week are not limited to previously planned activities within working hours, such as Doris Kish emphasizes:

“Another highlight were our after-work events that were organized at various locations. So, inter alia. met our colleagues in Hanover, Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf to watch the films 'Hidden Figures' or 'Das Schmuckstück' together. The Sense of community was also shown in a spontaneous campaign: The employees were asked to wear their most colorful, weirdest socks for a photo session. "

A corporate culture that enables every employee to freely develop their skills, to contribute with their voice and their individual perspective: that is part of the Fujitsu Way. Because we want to set standards for a colorful corporate world that is shaped internally and externally by respect, trust and equal opportunities - and which can say without bias in everyday interaction: Be completely you.

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