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Successful email marketing in the fashion industry

In the fashion industry in particular, the motto is: if you know how to assert yourself against other brands and attract attention, you can survive in a competitive environment. Thus, in the course of the trends, there are numerous new possibilities to realize this.

But what about email marketing in the fashion industry? With the many facets that fashion has to offer, you can reach your customers right here: Whether with appealing marketing emails or transactional emails that ensure that they remember you.

In the following article, we will tell you how to find out who belongs to your target group, which strategy to implement and how you ultimately create attractive fashion marketing campaigns that will be remembered

10 reasons for email marketing in the fashion industry

In the beginning there was the fur.

If you think back to the origins and creation of clothing, the Neanderthals were the first to hang animal fur around their bodies in order to defy the Ice Age.

Since then, clothing has been an integral part of humanity and continues to evolve.

You ask yourself the question: Why exactly is email marketing beneficial to you in the fashion industry?

As a fashion company, you should do email marketing for the following reasons:

Lower costs than other marketing activities
Intensive communication with target groups and customers
Fast and free customization of individual emails
Little technical understanding required
The campaign reaches the recipient within seconds
You are almost independent of third-party providers.
The performance of the e-mail campaigns can be easily measured
All personal customer data can be easily exported
Campaigns can be placed in social networks
Several categories (sweaters, shirts, accessories, shoes) can be addressed


Table: Benefits of email marketing for the fashion industry

As you can see: In addition to low costs when creating your fashion marketing campaigns, to let future trends bring new ideas to the forethat you can specifically incorporate into your corporate strategy.

Of course, this also includes the prospects for email marketing in terms of sales that the fashion industry will have in store in the future:

Sales of the fashion industry from 2017-2023 by Statista

It is therefore advisable, especially in the fashion industry, to stand out from your competition in the market through successful email marketing and to convince yourself through unique marketing campaigns.

And you can do this with the right strategy, which is confused in the next section.

The right email marketing strategy especially for fashion companies

Before you can find the right contact person and create successful email campaigns, you need to develop a solid email marketing strategy.

This includes the following points:

  1. aims
  2. target group
  3. subjects

1. Set email marketing goals

Also in the fashion industry The goals of email marketing can vary. A clear e-mail strategy is particularly important for young fashion companies in order to successfully cope with market entry and establishment.

For the fashion brands that have long been established in the market, however, the focus is on more sales or newsletter registrations

That said, there are numerous other goals your fashion company has in mind. We have put together the following table for you:

Corporate goalaimKPIExample target value
Sale of product XMore sales through newslettersConversion rate€ 10,000 per month
More individual website visitorsClick rate5,000 people per month
More profitProfit margin20 %
More effective marketingMore newsletter registrationsRegistrations250 per week
Meet customer requestsOpening rate40%
Provide requested productsClick rate20%

Table: Example of an email marketing target framework

To find out more, simply download our free product document on our KPI Goal Framework:

You can download it for free here

2. Determine the target group

In order for you to use e-mail marketing efficiently in the fashion industry, it is primarily important to find the right target group for your e-mail marketing campaigns and get to know them as soon as they are found.

A target group analysis can be of advantage here, as it enables specific properties to be worked out that can be used in a targeted manner.

There are numerous target groups in the fashion industry who may be interested in your products. We recommend clustering these using segmentation variables. Below is an example categorization:

Example of segmentation variables for the line group analysis: Source TWT

The potential target group can be divided into the following characteristics, which you need for your email marketing strategy:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Socio-economic characteristics
  • Psychological characteristics
  • Buying behavior

You can also find out more about this by downloading our free product document for a target group analysis:

You can download it for free here

3. Define possible e-mail topics

Once the right target group has been found and analyzed, you can differentiate and select for each specific topic.

Because: The fashion industry has a wide range of holidays, seasons and special occasions that you can take advantage of.

Such special occasions look like this:

  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Sales
  • Christmas
  • Oktoberfest
  • lunar eclipse
  • Valentine's day
  • women's Day
  • Easter
  • Men's day
  • Etc.

You can find more email topics in our content calendar, which you can download for free:

You can download it for free here

Select the right email marketing software

The next step in creating a successful email marketing campaign is finding the right newsletter software that meets all of your needs.

In the fashion industry, these prerequisites are the be-all and end-all for successful email marketing campaigns:

Table: Requirements for email marketing software for emails within mobile apps
If an email marketing provider fulfills these requirements, you can now easily create and send successful campaigns for your fashion customers. You will learn how to do this in the next section.

How to Create Successful Email Campaigns: Tips and Tricks

Whether you want to establish your own fashion brand on the market or are already active in this industry: You can reach all target groups with email marketing.

The next step is therefore to implement such campaigns. Consequently don't just keep existing customers, rather also establish and promote new and long-term relationships.

Because: Once you have found out the characteristics of your target group and already have a few recipients in your contact list, you can easily do so Marketing or transactional emails Share information about upcoming events, app updates, a new store opening and much more with your customers.

Email marketing can be used in a variety of ways, in different forms and for different purposes.

The basic elements of fashion email marketing

In general, a distinction is made between three different types of emails:

Marketing emails

In order for your Fashion Marketing emails to attract attention in the inboxes of your recipients, it is advisable to pay particular attention to which target group receives which message when selecting the correct subject line.

In addition, which colors you choose for them, which occasions are particularly suitable and how you spread your message.

Transactional emails

Now let's move on to the other side of email marketing. In addition to the usual marketing emails, you can also create and send transactional emails for your fashion label.
These can look like this:

  • Password resets
  • Order confirmations
  • Account activations
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Newsletter unsubscribe confirmation email

Another advantage: compared to other e-mails, you have an open rate that is 8 times higher. And that's exactly what you want to achieve, right?

Since personal communication is made possible with these, these are expected by your customers in order to enable contact on a completely different level.

PS: This is possible with Mailjet’s Marketing Automation

Automated emails

Last but not least, there is automated email. These are transactional e-mails with a marketing character.

In order to go into more detail, we have defined them for you in more detail:

Marketing emailsTransactional emailsAutomated emails
NewsletterOrder confirmationBirthday mailings
Event invitationsShipping confirmationWelcome series
Sales letterReset passportReminder full shopping cart
Greetings for Christmas, New Year, Easter ...Newsletter unsubscribe confirmation emailThank you mailing
Information on product roadmapsAccount balance informationCoupons

Table: Examples of Marketing Emails, Transactional Emails and Automated Emails.

To illustrate the differences between marketing and transactional emails in the form of email campaigns, let's take a look at the following examples from ABOUT YOU:

Example of a marketing email from ABOUT YOU

In this fashion newsletter, ABOUT YOU specifically refers to the possibilities that fashion has to offer when it comes to the weather. Fashion is diverse and can therefore be worn in every imaginable weather.

At the same time, the colors allude to certain temperatures: in summer there are warmer tones and for colder days there are darker tones.


Example of a transaction email from ABOUT YOU

This transaction email is a confirmation of the return requested by a recipient.

As you can see for that Marketing and transactional emails use the same layout to maintain a consistent corporate image.

In addition, care is taken in the visual design that the company Logo is in the upper area of ​​the campaign and a lot of white space is integrated.

In the case of the transaction email, this is also done as part of the aautomated e-mail workflows that you can prepare for your transactional e-mails.

In the following we will go into more detail which elements are particularly important in email marketing for the fashion industry.

The right email design

However, even if the above types are different, you should realize all of these properties:

Email layout
The basic framework is in place
The email layout is responsive
Template includes title, body, and footer
Title, main part and footer are clearly separated from each other
The width moves between 500 and 680 px
Visual design
Different email designs have the same "look and feel"
The company logo is in the upper area
CI colors are used
Email template contains a lot of white space
The core message stands out visually
Only one interactive element per newsletter
Content design
The template has a central message
The most important information is at the beginning
Blocks of text are not too long
Headings and possibly lists are available
Contents are easy to read
Text to image ratio is 60:40 or 70:30
The call-to-action (button etc.) stands out
The call-to-action (button, etc.) is easy to click
Unsubscribe link is available (for marketing emails)
Imprint is available
Email design is A / B tested


Checklist: The basic principles of a successful email template

Would you like to convince with your email layout?

Then you should definitely use a responsive design. Because this is how your fashion e-mails automatically adapt to the end devices of your recipients.

Another aspect is the width of your e-mail template: It is ideala width between 500 and 680 px.

In no case should you forget to include the following three parts in every email template:

  1. banner
  2. Bulk
  3. footer

You can find out more about email design in the following article: Creating an email template: step-by-step

The right email content

Now we come to the email content of your fashion campaigns. Because: What is the point of a beautiful design if the content is not convincing?

Therefore we start at the very beginning:

Choose trendy subject lines

If your e-mail is not opened, the sophisticated e-mail marketing strategy is a failure. And you want to prevent that from happening, right?

The basics to consider are as follows:

  1. Determine the correct length
  2. Name the subject of the email
  3. Use the preheader

We have created a free project document for you where you can examine the length of your email subject lines. To do this, simply click on the following image:

How to name the correct subject of the e-mail and how to use a pre-header is explained in detail here: Compose e-mail subject line [101 Guide]

Give your emails a bright coat of paint

Especially in the fashion industry: Convince your recipients with appealing colors:

The favorite colors of women and men from Kissmetrics

In the following example from PULL & BEAR you can see that this newsletter addresses a younger generation as a target group. So which color is particularly appealing?

A beautiful pink, which heralds the colder days with the change of darker nuances:

Example of a successful marketing campaign from PULL & BEAR, which impresses with its colorful appearance

For more information on how to use color correctly in e-mail, see this article: How to use color correctly in e-mail

This also applies to the integration of videos within your fashion campaigns. With our video preview function, you can see what impression they make on your customers:

Mailjet video preview feature

Think about the seasons, weddings & co.

As you have already seen under "Which topics are important in the fashion industry?" have seen, email marketing in the fashion industry benefits from numerous events, holidays and advertising-related occasions, that you can use and use skillfully:

Example of a marketing campaign on the subject of weddings by Peek & Cloppenburg

Convince yourself with voucher codes

With the targeted use of voucher codes within your e-mail marketing campaigns, you also generate sales, as you trigger so-called impulse purchases from your users, which lead to closer customer loyalty in the long term when they are used again.

The article that we created especially for the use of voucher codes within your marketing campaigns can be found here: Voucher codes in e-mail marketing: The dos and don'ts


Coupon code in the fashion industry from Planet Sports

Connect email marketing with other channels

We have already explained why you should use the advantages of social media within your marketing campaigns in our article: Why you should combine email marketing and social media.

Thus, the following is achieved, especially for the fashion industry in the area of ​​e-commerce:

  • Your target group (s) use social media.
  • You can reach a large audience with little effort.
  • It's inexpensive.
  • Possibility of additional advertisements.
  • Increased customer loyalty and greater trust.

Email campaigns for the fashion industry: ideas along the customer journey

There are different ways you can

We recommend planning email campaigns in the fashion industry along the customer journey. Thus you achieve that you can reach your target group anytime, anywhere.

We have created the following automated process for you:

An example of a multi-level automated process

You can see what such successful e-mail campaigns look like in the next section.

PS: Always start at the beginning. In this case, with targeted welcome emails.

Welcome emails

At 50%, this type of transactional email not only has an unusually high open rate, but is also 86% more effective compared to other marketing emails.

Welcome e-mails help you analyze the behavior of your recipients in the first customer contact in order to find out more about their expectations and preferences.

In the next step, you can target these:

Example of a welcome email from COCOMELODY

Why exactly this fashion email campaign is convincing is due to the integration of a discount as well as a reference to the COCOMELODY community.

In this way, new customers feel that they belong to a community right from the first customer contact in order to exchange ideas with other customers. The colors are also inviting and reveal which colors you might be able to use yourself.

Event related promotions

Whether it's the upcoming change of season, i.e. a new collection or the final sale, companies in the fashion industry like to take advantage of special events to boost sales of the current or future collection.

There are also a number of other events that you should integrate into your email marketing:

  • SALE
  • Sweepstakes
  • Final sale
  • XY is celebrating its birthday
  • The new collection is here!
  • XY invites you to the summer party
  • Survey
  • Seasons
  • Christmas


Example of a raffle from MYBESTBRANDS

Transactional emails about news

On a Sunday, you might be planning your trip for the next few months or special occasions that are coming up.

With your company's content calendar, you will notice that Oktoberfest is just around the corner. So take the opportunity to surprise your recipients with a discount, especially as part of this event:


Example of news about the Oktoberfest from Galeria Kaufhof

Also important: with the new year there are also new trends or new collections.

It is therefore advantageous for you to address these in your fashion marketing campaigns and send them specifically to the respective target group:

Cart abandoners

With the wide range of clothing items, men or women often cannot decide. It can therefore happen that forgotten items linger in the shopping cart and are ultimately no longer bought.

The solution: shopping cart abandonment emails. You can use these to address these customers in a targeted manner and to close the purchase:

Cart abandoner email from asos

Reactivation campaign

With cancel shopping cart, there is also the possibility of permanently inactive recipients romping around in your contact lists, which in the long run cost not only time but also money.

This applies in the first place too identify and in the second step to automatically isolate by means of the email segmentation directly in the email marketing software.

You can then create and send targeted reactivation campaigns. It is advantageous to do this in the form of discounts:

Example of a reactivation campaign by H&M

Feedback emails

Last but not least, another option is to send transactional emails as part of feedback. This not only gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers better, but also to include suggestions and wishes in the next collection:

Example of a feedback email from asos

By being able to express an opinion, your customers not only feel they have been taken, but can also build up a closer customer relationship with you.

If you round off such a feedback e-mail with a competition and the chance of a voucher, the rate of participation is also higher. And that's exactly what you want to achieve, right?

And now?

You have now learned what role e-mail marketing plays in the fashion industry and why it is important that you benefit from the numerous possibilities of marketing campaigns, especially in this industry.

New trends that keep appearing enable you to reach your target groups effectively and in a targeted manner. Take your chance and create appealing marketing and transactional e-mails in your editorial plan for the next big event.