What are the best QA sites

Best WordPress Q&A plugins to start conversations

Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers, Quora, Reddit, and Stack Exchange are great for asking questions or searching for answers that people around the world are inventing. From hypotheses about who really won WWII to industry-specific questions like "what's the cheapest website builder", these question and answer pages are gold miners for knowledge and community.

In addition, Q&A websites incorporate other features such as polls, profiles, and badges to ensure that users are having a comfortable time and are able to find the information they need in a timely manner. If you want to develop your own community with the question and answer format, all you need is one of the best WordPress Q&A plugin options!

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What makes a great WordPress Q&A plugin?

Seeing how different each existing question and answer page is, it's nice to look at the features that make each of them unique and easy to use. For example, Quora is known for checking the people who answer questions so that you can get real answers from real experts. Stack Exchange tries to avoid polls and seeks objective responses on a wide range of topics.

So you can definitely decide to create a question and answer page for many topics, but it has to stand out in some way. On the other hand, you can focus on a niche to link to your forum or blog so people can discuss specific questions related to things like traveling, gardening, or web development.

As for the best WordPress Q&A plugin solutions, what features should you be looking for?

  • A neat button and a field where users can enter questions for other users (alternatively, you can limit this to administrators who create an FAQ page).
  • Options for users and administrators to add rich content and media such as bold text, links, and images.
  • Tools for branding and styling your Q&A section or website.
  • Modules for users to answer questions.
  • Options to create profiles to make the answers appear more believable and to build your own user database.
  • Buttons to keep track of specific questions. Email notifications are nice too.
  • Categorize and search tools for people to find the information they need.
  • A poll that brings the best answers to the top of the page.

The best WordPress Q&A plugins of 2019

We encourage you to try the majority of the best WordPress Q&A plugins to see which are best for you. In this post, we'll take a look at eight different solutions you can use for a WordPress Q&A plugin on your WordPress site that can be set up in minutes.

  1. Heroic WordPress FAQs
  2. DW Question & Answer
  3. CM Answers
  4. AnsPress - Question and Answer
  5. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers
  6. WooDiscuz - WooCommerce Comments
  7. Sabai Discuss
  8. WP Answers

1. Heroic WordPress FAQs

While many people think of websites like Quora and Reddit when creating a question-and-answer website, we also want to cover a plugin that creates FAQs for blogs, ecommerce websites, and almost any type of online presence. The Heroic WordPress FAQs plugin does just that, and it's one of the cleanest, easiest-to-use FAQ options you can find. Instead of allowing users to ask their questions and write answers, this plugin helps answer all the common questions you hear from customers and post them on your website.

This way, you no longer have to answer the questions via email, phone or chat. In short, it should cut your customer care hours.

Heroic WordPress FAQs plugin

The great thing about Heroic WordPress FAQs is that it has a nice drag and drop interface. You can work by rearranging questions and answers while organizing them into groups. All questions are placed on one accordion-style page so users can click and view the questions that interest them most. Rich content is supported and all FAQ forms look great on mobile devices.

As for pricing, there is no free version of the Heroic WordPress FAQs. However, you can get full access for $ 49 per year on one website. For three pages the price is $ 69 per year and for 10 pages it goes up to $ 149 per year.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • Nice plugin. Everything that is done by HeroThemes is always pixel-perfect.
  • It provides an excellent interface for quickly creating FAQ pages on your website.
  • With the drag and drop editor, you can effortlessly move through questions.
  • You can group FAQs into categories for better readability.
  • Accordion style toggles and questions are available to help consolidate and make reading easier.
  • Icons are available to make your questions and answers more visual.
  • You can upload pictures and videos to your FAQs to provide more information besides text.
  • Rich content is also supported for items such as lists, block quotes and images.
  • The prices are reasonable.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

We like the Heroic WordPress FAQs plugin for those who want to quickly develop clean, branded FAQs for business websites.

2. DW Question & Answer

The DW Question & Answer plugin says it will use forms, filters, questions and answers to create a quora-like area on your website. The primary features are completely free for all users, and you can even get some great icons on your Q&A thread for free. Even all of the add-ons are free, including:

  • An add-on for embedding questions and social sharing.
  • An add-on for transcripts.
  • An add-on to create a ranking in your question and answer area.

DW Question & Answer plugin

One of the main reasons you should choose DW Question & Answer is because of its strong language support. At the time of this article, the plugin supports 22 languages ​​including Hindi, Czech, and Spanish. In addition, the front end design of the plugin offers a modern, clean look, with a search box and the “Ask Question” button to show the user exactly where to go.

The backend settings are easy to understand while the questions and answers are all moderated in this area. We especially like the question pages where administrators can customize all of the fields and where users enter information like question, status, category, and tags.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • Every aspect of the plugin (including add-ons) is completely free.
  • The developers update the plugin regularly.
  • The updates give you a fairly modern interface with beautiful forms and useful backend functions.
  • Everything from the question tools to send, filter, organize and delete is easy to find.
  • There is a voting system in place that people can use to pick the best answers and send those answers to the top of the thread.
  • Users receive email notifications after subscribing to certain questions.
  • You can make some questions private and some questions public.
  • Shortcodes are available for placing the question and answer module in different places on your website.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

The DW Question & Answer plugin works well for those who want functionality similar to Quora and Stack Exchange. This functionality includes user questions and answers, voting, and questioning.

3. CM Answers

The CM Answers plugin comes as a free basic plugin, or you have the option to upgrade to the premium version, starting at $ 39 for a website. The developers also sell several add-ons and extensions, most of which start at around $ 50 per website. Some of the more interesting add-ons are:

  • Micropayments
  • Anonymous user contributions
  • Payments
  • Ask the expert
  • Idea simulator
  • Import and export

As you can see, you have the option to stick to the free version or upgrade to the premium version. Some of the features of Premium are mobile responsiveness, private replies, and multiple attachments. Some of these premium features will ultimately be business requirements, so luckily the premium prices aren't that high.

CM Answers WordPress plugin

As for the free core plugin, you can expect a well-formatted question and answer section with metrics for votes, views, and the number of answers for each question. Users can filter by questions, categories, and questions that are going well at the moment. You can also search for specific keywords to find the questions you want. The "Ask a Question" field might take some work and moving to the top of the page, but it does the job of looking like a normal comment field at the bottom of the questions and answers.

The settings are a bit complicated for the first time user, but it's nice to know that you can adjust things like who can post replies, where the forms appear on your website, and whether or not a navigation menu is shown.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • The CM Answers plugin offers an impressive collection of free features.
  • The premium version and add-ons should be sufficient for niche websites and those that want to collect payments.
  • The interface is clean and ready for your customization.
  • Users can see the number of responses, views, votes, and more.
  • A few languages ​​are supported, such as Spanish, German and Polish.
  • When a user answers or asks a question, they can choose to receive an email notification when more responses come in.
  • Administrators receive email notifications when questions and answers are posted. If you find that something is off topic or inappropriate, simply delete it from the website.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

The CM Answers plugin is aimed at those who want to build a Q&A website similar to Reddit. It's also nice if you plan on making the move to more advanced features - since the add-on library is quite large.

4. AnsPress - Question and Answer

The AnsPress plugin is similar in functionality to CM Answers, except that you get the core plugin and all add-ons for free. The AnsPress developers seem to be making money selling WordPress themes. However, if you don't need a topic and want to integrate a Q&A module on your current website, AnsPress offers you all the functions you need as well as free customer support via the website.

AnsPress is also an open source project, which means you can expect regular updates and fixes in the future.

AnsPress WordPress plugin

Although AnsPress's primary use is to create a question and answer page, it also has features for internal question and answer forums, bug tracking, and support tickets. You can even create FAQ pages with the AnsPress plugin.

Some of the key features are options for voting, answering questions, and submitting new questions. The BuddyPress integration is essential for those looking to build a social network around their Q&A website. BuddyPress is great, for example, for creating better user profiles and providing your users with messaging.

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As I mentioned earlier, all of AnsPress add-ons are completely free. You can find a handful of them on the AnsPress website. Some of my favorites are:

  • An add-on for filtering out bad words.
  • An add-on for building user reputations.
  • An add-on for sending email notifications.
  • An add-on for adding tags and categories to questions.
  • An add-on for creating dynamic text avatars.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • The AnsPress plugin is free, including all of its add-ons.
  • The front-end interface is clean and modern, and offers a setup similar to that of Reddit or Quora.
  • You can do more than just a Q&A page. Some companies use it for FAQs or support ticketing, for example.
  • Shortcodes are available to place the question and answer area anywhere on your website.
  • It has a BuddyPress integration to build a social network around the plugin.
  • Users can ask and filter questions, while administrators have options to edit and delete questions.
  • Each question has buttons for answering and commenting.
  • Users can vote on their favorite answers and send the most popular answers to the top of the page.
  • The plugin supports over 10 languages.
  • You can keep some of the questions private, which comes in handy for running company FAQs or message boards.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

Anyone on a budget should consider AnsPress for their Q&A. There are no fees for the plugin or the add-ons. It's a nice interface to create something like Reddit or Quora, and I also like it for companies that need something for FAQs, ticketing systems, or internal question and answer forums.

5. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

The next two WordPress Q&A plugin options are aimed at those who run WooCommerce websites. The first, called YITH WooCommerce, presents a Q&A section on your product pages. You may be familiar with it at Amazon, where customers can ask questions, then either the retailer or other customers respond with the information they know. The questions and answers then stay on the product page for future customers to read when purchasing your products.

The core plugin is free, but YITH also sells a premium version starting at $ 69.99 per year. The most important features of the free plugin include fields where users can ask and answer questions on the product pages. The administrators can also create FAQs to keep more control or to answer the most common questions and have them permanently on the product page.

YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers plugin

The premium version of the YITH WooCommerce plugin brings more flexibility to your question area. For example, you can set the number of questions displayed on the page and have emails sent to the admin when a new question or answer is published. Voting is also available in the paid version, meaning you can get the best answers to the top instead of forcing customers to search for the best answers.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • It's an excellent way to increase sales and keep your customers safe. It's basically like crowdsourcing your product information as the users generate the answers for your products. The administrators can also answer questions.
  • You can have questions and answers open to everyone or you can put the plugin in FAQ mode so that only administrators can add questions and answers.
  • The plugin creates a tab on your product pages that can be viewed by customers. The interface is simple and easy to use, with a box where you can ask questions and answer the existing ones.
  • The premium version opens up all sorts of features, and the price isn't that high.
  • The premium version sends emails to customers and administrators.
  • Shortcodes are provided in the premium version.
  • The voting is available in the paid plugin. This means you will have to do fewer reviews of the answers as your users will vote for the best.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

The YITH WooCommerce plugin is a smart choice for anyone who runs a WooCommerce shop. The free version should be enough for more online stores as it reduces the amount of information and support you need to provide for your products. Instead, customers create the content for you.I also like the premium version for those who want advanced features like email and voting.

6. WooDiscuz - WooCommerce Comments

The WooDiscuz plugin is similar to YITH WooCommerce, only that it's more like a comment or forum thread, as opposed to a question and answer solution. However, you can still make the section like a Q&A module - and I assume that most discussions will start with questions.

WooDiscuz also has an advantage because of its customization options. For example, you can change the title of the tab from “Discussion” to anything else - maybe “Questions and Answers”? The discussions are shown in a tab with the other details like descriptions and ratings. It's yet another excellent way to get your customers to talk and fill in information that may not be clear on the product page. In addition, the administrators can intervene if a question from a customer is not answered.

WooDiscuz WordPress Plugin

WooDiscuz is now free for all users. All features are included in the core plugin, so there is no need to upgrade to a premium version or purchase a bunch of add-ons.

I enjoy the look of the WooDiscuz plugin, and I feel like it's one of the essential elements that all ecommerce sites should have. Not only does it breathe life into your online shop, it could also create a community that revolves around your products.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • It's a full fledged eCommerce question and answer product with a price of $ 0.
  • The plugin offers more than just questions and answers. You can have an extensive forum or comments section that will encourage all kinds of conversations about your products.
  • A tab will automatically appear on your product pages asking users to ask questions. The questions and answers then stay on the page for customers who may need them in the future.
  • It minimizes the amount of customer support you have to give as many of the questions are already resolved on your pages.
  • You can customize the look of the yarn and change its overall purpose. For example, you can call it a question or discussion thread.
  • Instead of showing all comments, the plugin offers a "Load More Comments" button for faster loading of the page.
  • Permissions and tags are available to assign users and titles such as guest, customer and admin.
  • The comment voting is included with the plugin so that all the best answers are displayed upwards.
  • Users can subscribe to some of the comments so that they can see all of the messages in the future.
  • You get product sharing buttons for websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

I would recommend this plugin to anyone with an online store, especially considering the entire plugin is free. This gives smaller businesses a chance to provide more information to their customers, and you can start building a community around your products. It's also great for online stores that need FAQ or discussion sections. It doesn't make a lot of sense if you don't have an eCommerce website.

7. Sabai Discuss

The Sabai Discuss plugin is only sold at CodeCanyon for $ 24, with $ 24 being an incredible price for the number of features you get from this highly rated WordPress Q&A plugin. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to creating question and discussion pages. As an example, you might want to set up a members forum with a password. This is quite possible with the Sabai Discuss plugin. You can also create a user profile page, question page, or category page that lists all of the categories your questions fall under.

The discussion stream is organized so that your users can sort and filter on the questions that are most important to them. There is also a voting system in place to send the best replies to the top of the page and filter out the spam or bad replies.

Sabai Discuss WordPress plugin

The user reputation engine is an essential part of a question and answer page as you can get rid of the users who only post spam while adding credibility to those who respond to questions with detailed answers. The Sabai Discuss plugin also has the unique ability to install the Q&A functionality multiple times on your website. Your company may want to provide a public Q&A area for customers and a private one for your employees. Speaking of private, internal discussion forums, this plugin provides a way for users to upload their own attachments. This makes the Sabai Discuss plugin more of a collaboration tool than anything else. In addition to votes, comments and questions, the Sabai Discuss plugin definitely stands out from other companies and individuals who are looking for a versatile WordPress Q&A plugin.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • The Sabai Discuss plugin can be installed in different areas of your website and opens up possibilities for private and public discussions.
  • Both comments and replies are available so you can choose between a discussion forum or a Q&A page.
  • File attachments can be uploaded by customers or employees in a private forum.
  • The tagging and voting is done together with the Sabai Discuss plugin, so the bad answers disappear and the good answers are displayed more often.
  • The plugin has a pretty cheap price tag.
  • Nine widgets and five shortcodes are available for maximum flexibility.
  • The plugin has a reputation system that automatically rewards the best replicators with due recognition. Not only does this make those users feel good, but it also shows other users that their answers are useful.
  • Sabai Discuss offers an advanced abuse reporting system.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

I like the Sabai Discuss plugin for businesses that want all sorts of Q&A functionality in one plugin. There's no free version, but the premium plugin is affordable and gives you the full Q&A package. Building a Reddit-like forum for external or internal use is great, and I'm especially excited that you can have multiple instances of Q&A boards on the same website.

8. WP Answers

WP-Answers is another solution that doesn't have a free option. However, the WP Answer plugin starts at $ 34 a year, which is a decent price for a wide range of tools. On the surface, WP-Answers is a standard WordPress Q&A plugin with an elegant design. But when I dig deeper, I notice some pretty unique features, like Facebook and Twitter integration. This tool allows users to sign in with their social usernames and passwords without having to create new credentials.

You can also reward users with points for answering questions. This type of game is essential to encourage users to speak more on the message boards and answer questions they know the answers to. You can even share a leaderboard so users can strive for something and have a reason to compete with other users.

WP-Answers WordPress plugin

Another interesting benefit of WP Answers is that you can integrate with Stack Exchange so it looks like your page is busy from the get-go. You'd obviously want to be headed for a website where your users are contributing more, but it's a great way to get that started.

The question and answer system reminds me of Reddit, but with a cleaner design. This is especially true for the mobile design as your entire Q&A page will click into place and look nice on smaller devices.

Coupled with the built-in spam moderation tools, spam reduction and voting buttons, the WP Reply plugin seems like an excellent solution to start your Q&A page.

Why we like this WordPress Q&A plugin

  • The WP Answer plugin sells for an affordable price. You also get every single feature at this low price.
  • The question-and-answer system is reminiscent of Reddit, but has a simpler, cleaner user interface and a wonderful mobile display.
  • You have the opportunity to reward the best contributors with points. Each of the leaders can be displayed on a leaderboard and encourages others to get on it as well.
  • WP-Answers has an integration with Stack Exchange for starting your Q&A page. Basically, it draws conversations and questions from the popular website so it looks like the traffic is flowing through your website too.
  • The login page contains options for logging in to Facebook and Twitter.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Q&A Plugin?

WP answers make a lot of sense for brand new Q&A websites as you can fill your question boards with content from Stack Exchange. It's also great for companies interested in awarding points to the best contributors. Finally, I can't say enough about the WP-Answers front-end interface. It's one of the best out there, including the mobile version. Even Reddit can't show off much with its mobile user interface.

Summary: which WordPress Q&A plugin is right for you?

Now that we've gone through all of the WordPress Q&A plugin options, let's break it down to see which is best for you or your business:

  • Heroic WordPress FAQs - Consider this WordPress Q&A plugin if all you need is a beautiful and elegant FAQ page.
  • DW Question & Answer - Choose this plugin if you want to mimic sites like Quora and Stack Exchange.
  • CM-Answers - Use this plug-in if you want an interface similar to Reddit's.
  • AnsPress - Consider this plugin if you don't want to pay any money for your WordPress Q&A plugin. You might also like it if you want to create a ticketing system or an in-house questionnaire page.
  • YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers - Choose this plugin if you need a question and answer module on your eCommerce product pages.
  • WooDiscuz - Use this plugin if you want questions and answers on your eCommerce site but without having to pay anything for the plugin. You can also use it to create FAQs and discussion modules.
  • Sabai Discuss - Choose this plugin if you want to have multiple Q&A areas on your website. We like it too because the prices are low for a large number of features.
  • WP-Answers - See this WordPress Q&A plugin as one of the best designs on this list. It's also an exceptional solution for populating your Q&A board with content as it offers integration to pull content from Stack Exchange.

Have you used any of the WordPress Q&A plugins mentioned above? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments section below.

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