What is a shopping cart

A matter of convenience : What does a shopping cart actually cost?

It's always annoying: no change in your pocket. For the planned shopping in the supermarket, the motto is now: only take the bare essentials. Because without a coin or plastic chip there is no shopping cart. It is usually only one euro that you have to push into the lock to unlock a car. The vehicle itself is of course more expensive: the supermarkets have to spend around 100 euros per vehicle. However, that's only enough for the standard equipment - without a deposit lock, floor grate or toddler seat. The luxury version with convenient extras such as quieter castors, coated handle and reading magnifier costs up to 150 euros.

Most of the shopping trolleys are produced by the Swabian company Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik. The manufacturer claims to be the global market leader and also sells larger shopping trolleys that are used in beverage and hardware stores. Here the price is just under 250 euros, but the axles of the car can withstand a weight of up to half a ton.

In Germany, more than 20 million shopping trolleys are currently rolling through shops. They are now also available made of plastic: The variant should cause less noise and be safer. Depending on the equipment, their price ranges between 120 and 180 euros and is thus slightly higher than the steel models. In the future, manufacturers also want to network shopping trolleys with smartphones. For example, customers could be warned about products they are allergic to. They might not even have to push the car in front of them - research is already being carried out on self-driving models that follow the customer at every turn.

A shopping trolley, a garbage truck, a cow - at the beginning of each week we attach a price tag to goods that do not fit into any shopping basket.

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