How do eunuchs urinate

Black and white eunuchs (not everyone should read!)

When I read Christl's report on neutering animals,
I thought to myself, I'll write a report on eunuchs too.
The black eunuchs have always been the guardians of the women's harem, while the white eunuchs served as doorkeepers and in the area of ​​the sultan.
In addition to the women, the black eunuchs guarded the treasury, regulated the monetary affairs of the harem and the sultan, carried messages between women, the sultan and the outside world.
Eunuchs, "blends", existed in ancient times in Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia and China.
Depending on the "cut", a distinction is made between three types of castration:
1.) Limbs and testicles were completely removed - a procedure that only every tenth man survived;
2.) the limb was largely cut off, thereby losing the ability to cohabit, but not the instinct;
3.) in boys, the testicles were soaked in a hot water bath and then crushed or peeled off by hand.
The interventions led to a softening of the figure, but did not always deprive the eunuchs of the male instinct, and they could serve as a substitute for the women in the harem. There were suitable techniques, and artificial structures - modeled after aroused male limbs - kept harem women restless due to the compulsion of renunciation in check.
A eunuch earned twice: as the guardian of the women who paid him for love services.


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