Why is the Tik Tok app so popular

TikTok: that's behind the trend app

Notoriety in the TikTok community

There are numerous tips on the Internet for successfully expanding your own account. Among other things, it is advised to post as many videos as possible, to surprise again and again with new ideas and to shoot the clips spontaneously. Authenticity and looseness in front of the camera also promise success.

In addition, participants can take part in so-called “challenges”, that is, competitions. The point here is to create a clip on a specific topic. The challenges are linked to hashtags that act as a search function.

Individual clips can go viral quickly on TikTok. Because in addition to a feed with the content of friends, users are shown on the so-called "For You Page" posts that are selected by an algorithm. This way, new contributions can be discovered without having to follow the creators. The proposed videos quickly get a large number of "hearts", likes and followers. As a result, virtually any video can achieve great popularity and start a trend. For many this is worth striving for: if you have over 1000 followers, you can use a live stream function on TikTok, in which the followers can see what is being filmed in real time and can interact with the user.

The well-known stars and influencers, who have long made a name for themselves on other platforms such as Instagram, are now often registered with TikTok and have quickly built up a large reach there too. But the network also regularly produces its own celebrities: The particularly successful users of TikTok have become influencers. Because of their popularity, they also have many followers in other social networks: Some use their reach and earn a lot of money with product placements in their posts. But children and young people in particular find it difficult to distinguish this advertising content from other influencer content.