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What is lead

Lead is a relatively soft heavy metal with bright silver, shiny cut surfaces, which turns blue-gray on the surface. Since lead is poisonous, lead is not used as a material in many areas today.

Where does lead occur?

Lead is mainly used today in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries. In addition, due to its properties, it is also used where materials with similar properties are too expensive or even more problematic than lead (tungsten, gold, platinum, uranium, mercury). It is used, among other things, as a radiation protection material, cable sheathing, weight, solder or alloy component. In private households, lead is found in car batteries, in old buildings as water pipes made of lead pipes, in older cars as balancing weights and as immersion or curtain weights.

How do I recognize lead?

Lead has a gray color and a soft surface, under which a matt, silvery color appears for a short time when scratched, because it reacts chemically in the air and forms a gray oxidation layer. Lead is heavy and not magnetic. Due to its high corrosion resistance, easy formability and high density, it has been widely used as a material in industry.

How can you recycle lead scrap?

Since lead has environmentally harmful properties, it is particularly important to dispose of it separately so that it can be sent to a special electro-chemical recycling process. At Schrott24 you can sell your waste lead online and deliver it to a scrap dealer in your area or have it picked up.

What is the scrap price for lead?

As with all non-ferrous metals: the purer the material, the better it is suitable for being fed into the recycling process, and the higher the prices when it is sold.

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