Is Opera VPN Trustworthy

Opera VPN in the test: Proxy service for the browser


Opera VPN is permanently free and has no data limits. Nevertheless, the service is only suitable as a VPN to a limited extent. Read in the test why this is the case.

Opera VPN in the test

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Server choice and speed
Operation and operating systems
Transparency and security
Price-performance ratio

Suitable for casual users

Opera VPN only creates a security gain in the context of public networks. On the other hand, the service is well suited for concealing one's own identity from websites. The service is limited by its moderate speeds and few servers.

We liked that

  • Free
  • Unlimited data volume

We didn't like that

  • No VPN, no security gain
  • Few servers
  • Moderate speed
  1. Opera VPN in the test: VPN vs. proxy - what's the difference?
  2. OperaVPN in practice
    1. Use Opera VPN with streaming services
    2. Use Opera VPN to access and Movie4k
    3. Opera VPN to bypass local network disruptions
  3. Opera VPN in the test: performance
  4. Conclusion

Opera VPN has to live with one major disadvantage in the test. Because on closer inspection it is a proxy service - the term VPN is therefore rather misleading. Nevertheless, the application is suitable for disguising identity and location on the Internet. The tool is integrated in the Opera browser, so the functionality is limited to data transmitted via the Opera browser. There are also only three server locations available. Alternatively, you can find "real" VPN services in our VPN comparison test.

Tip! You can find the download here. Instructions on how to set up the service are available here for Opera VPN on iOS and here for the desktop versions.

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Opera VPN in the test: VPN vs. proxy - what's the difference?

A VPN server routes your data traffic and is always characterized by the encryption of this data. A server integrated into your connection to target servers (e.g. websites) cannot read your data in the transmission.

Proxy servers, on the other hand, accept requests from your computer and submit them to the target server as a representative. There is no direct forwarding, but the transfer and transfer of the data. On the way from your computer to the Opera servers, this data is transmitted in encrypted form. This is why the service is also suitable, for example, for securely surfing public networks. However: your data will be decrypted by Opera and then passed on to its destination. In theory, the proxy server can manipulate the data or analyze user behavior in favor of personalized advertising.

In contrast to the classic VPN service, "Opera VPN" is therefore only suitable to a limited extent for increasing online privacy. However, the same anonymization effect can be achieved with regard to accessed content as is achieved with a VPN server.

OperaVPN in practice

But what do the technical differences between proxy and VPN mean for everyday use of the service? To answer that, in this section we go beyond technical data and look at application scenarios in which VPN services are used particularly frequently.

Use Opera VPN with streaming services

One of the main areas of application for VPN services is circumventing country blocks in the area of ​​video streaming. The offers from Netflix, Amazon Video and Co. differ considerably from region to region. It quickly happens that you can no longer access your favorite films and series from abroad.

In this context, we immediately encounter a major shortcoming of the Opera VPN: the service does not allow a selection of specific server locations. Rather, you choose between the regions "North and South America", "Europe" and "Asia". With streaming, however, it is important to go to specific servers in the country in which you want to access streaming content. The Opera selection is far too imprecise for that.

If you want to use Opera for streaming despite the random distribution of server and IP address, you should be interested in the fact that Netflix did not block our access via Opera VPN in the test. At that time we were surfing with the US IP address via Opera VPN. Curiously, however, we got access to the Swedish version of Netflix. If you want, you can get involved in some surprise streaming via Opera.

Use Opera VPN to access and Movie4k

Many users are interested in whether VPN services are suitable for accessing streaming portals such as and In contrast to Netflix, HBO and Co., these sites do not have country blocks, but are sometimes blocked by the Internet provider. And such blocks can be bypassed via VPN or proxy.

With Opera VPN access to Kinox and Co. is possible. Any provider-side blocks can also be bypassed using the service. Nevertheless, we advise against visiting this website. You can find out why this is so by clicking on the corresponding page title, which contains further information on netzwelt.

Opera VPN to bypass local network disruptions

Both VPN services and proxies like Opera VPN work well for bypassing internet disruptions. This can potentially always be successful if a surfing disruption is neither directly due to your Internet connection nor directly to the target server. Because in this case there is probably an error on the transmission path. Since VPNs and proxies route your data traffic via an alternative transmission path, it is often possible to bypass the error in these cases.

The more servers a VPN service offers, the more alternative routes can be created in the event of corresponding disruptions. With only three regions, Opera VPN is not optimally positioned here. Nevertheless, the service is basically suitable for bypassing disruptions, as the first alternative route can often be the right choice. However, before you rely on the VPN to help you with connection problems, you should check whether there is a current fault with your Internet provider or the service you are calling.

Opera VPN in practice

Opera VPN in the test: performance

Opera VPN scores moderately in our speed test. The download is good with an average of 13.94 Mbit when connected to a European server - especially for a free offer. However, the upload is disappointing with an average of 0.14 Mbit. The ping with 104 milliseconds is also noticeable negatively.

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However, corresponding speeds should be sufficient for many everyday activities. Thanks to the good download rate, music and video streaming is also possible in principle. Due to the weak upload, Opera should not be used for any activities that require you to send large amounts of data. The slow upload rate also eliminates the question of whether Opera VPN is suitable for peer-to-peer data transfers or for torrenting.

This makes Opera VPN a solid anonymization solution for occasional use. If you are seriously looking for privacy or speed, you should look for alternatives in our VPN comparison.

Opera VPN

Editor's rating6.1Readers' ratings
Server choice and speed
Operation and operating systems
Transparency and security
Price-performance ratio

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