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Wedding rings which hand?

Wedding rings and engagement ring: on which hand are the rings worn?

First of all: There are many traditions how a ring can be worn and on which hand it can be presented. However, there are no fixed rules or obligations on which hand and which finger a ring must be worn. Please note: The following summary rather represents the frequency of implementation for many bridal couples and fiancées. We have worked out the tradition of the ring finger and how you can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring for you.


Ring finger

In Germany, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger (fourth finger from the right) of the left hand. The origin of this tradition can be traced back to the time of the ancient Romans. They believed that the ring finger has a direct connection to the heart, the so-called “Vena Amoris”, in German the love vein. The left side because it is closer to the heart. Couples in love therefore already wore a ring as a symbol of love on their ring finger. Of course, we now know that there is no such vein (unfortunately!), But the tradition has kept. However, some countries in the world have not disregarded this tradition. Read more about this later below.

Wedding ring fingers: origin and which hand?

Wedding rings are pieces of jewelry for love! The ancient Egyptians agreed on this over 4,000 years ago. Because as a Russian proverb says: “Love is like a ring, and the ring has no end”. This has enormous strength, because the ring symbolizes the infinity of love between the couples. This is why the “wedding ring” symbol is so important in many countries. It is the sign of being loved and loving yourself forever. The bride and groom exchange symbols of love during the marriage ceremony. The man puts the ring on the woman and vice versa. They give away their love to each other.

By the way, there is no tradition of what material or what shape the ring must have. The design of the ring is the free choice of the wedding couple. Often a personal inscription, the so-called engraving, is noted in each other's rings, e.g. in the form of the wedding date or the name of the partner!

The wedding ring adorns the ring finger in Germany on the right hand. But that is not the case everywhere. In the USA, Spain and Italy, for example, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand on the grounds that this side is closer to the heart. In many predominantly Catholic countries, wedding rings are worn on the left! Then why do we Germans wear the wedding ring on the right? From our research there is no clear reason here. Some say that the wedding ring is worn on the right in Germany due to its Protestant origin. But there is no proof of this. Carrying it on the other hand is also due to the greeting with the right hand. However, this speaks against many right-handers who like to wear their wedding ring on the left so that it is not so stressed.

Engagement ring: origin and which hand?


The engagement ring tradition has seen an enormous onslaught over the past 60 years. The proposal, which is typically initiated by a man, is often performed with a solitaire ring with a diamond. Although this is neither a must nor a rule. Princess Diana received a blue sapphire engagement ring from Prince Charles as a present. However, through targeted marketing campaigns (Diamonds are forever) by diamond manufacturers, the diamond ring has become an instrument of love. Since the De Beers advertisement in 1948, the diamond engagement ring has seen a furious rise.

What hand

The engagement ring will be in Germany on the ring finger of the left hand carried! In most other countries in Europe, the wedding ring is worn on the right!

What happens to the engagement ring on the wedding day?

In Germany, the following applies: on the day of the wedding, the engagement ring changes from the left hand to the right if both rings are to be worn on the ring finger. If the engagement ring is not suitable as a ring package, it remains on the left hand. In fewer and fewer cases, the engagement ring is completely removed.

Table: Which hand in which country?

countryEngagement ring before weddingEngagement ring after weddingWedding ring
Which hand?Which hand?Which hand?
United StatesRightLeftLeft

Table: wedding ring and engagement ring which hand at which time!

Partner rings which hand?

There are even fewer prescribed rules for partner rings or friendship rings. If you want to wear your partner rings as engagement rings, you should wear them on your left hand. If the partner rings are only symbols of friendship, they can also adorn the right hand. We often see men who wear their partner ring on their thumbs, for example.