What are some homemade gift ideas

Homemade with love - 21 Christmas gifts from the kitchen

Hot Chocolate Dunkers

Instead of in the dusty corner, the little ones end up in the cup. If you're looking for a sweet temptation for chocoholics, you've come to the right place. You can decorate according to your taste and whether it should be dark or white chocolate, that too is up to you. The main thing is that in the end everything looks pretty and can be melted into a nice hot cup of chocolate. To the recipe

Speculoos cream

Crisp, crisp, knuckle ... not this time. The spicy crispy biscuits are processed into a fine cream. To do this, they only have to go into the oven once. There is also white chocolate, milk, honey and sugar. Sounds delicious and looks wonderful on the Christmas breakfast sandwich. To the recipe

Speculoos marzipan pralines

On the holidays you can let it sparkle a little - also when it comes to gifts from the kitchen. But don't worry, the glitter powder not only looks pretty, it's also edible. The small globules themselves are also a delight in terms of taste. Spekulatius and gingerbread spices, hazelnut liqueur, marzipan, a little cherry jam, walnuts and cocoa are hidden under the chocolate ganache. To the recipe

Apple punch jam

You could omit the Schwips if you wanted ... But with real apple punch, the fruit spread really gets its momentum and Christmas flair. Fresh apples are of course also included. Otherwise only lemon and preserving sugar. That can also be done at the last minute. The preparation itself is just as quick. To the recipe


Some prefer their gifts from the kitchen to be hearty. They shouldn't be neglected either. Fresh rosemary provides a Mediterranean herbal note and parmesan for a fine spicy aroma. The whole thing is accompanied by a pinch of fleur de sel. A wonderful composition of flavors that will delight even those with a sweet tooth. To the recipe

Granola bars with almonds and pomegranate seeds

Colorful and healthy: The small crunchy bars surprise with a splash of red color made from small pomegranate seeds, which also give the granola bars a fresh note in terms of taste. The crispy base is made up of fine and crunchy oat flakes, sesame seeds and chopped almonds. Orange blossom honey provides the sweetness. To the recipe

Meringue and Shortbread Christmas Tree Cookies

A Christmas tree to give away, if that's not a good idea. By the way, it looks more complicated than it is. And if your little trees get a little crooked and crooked - never mind, they'll be plastered faster than you would like! To the recipe

Chai Choco Crossies

Now you can crunch again. First the crunchy chocolate, then the chopped almonds and the corn flakes. For that extra helping of Christmas feeling, Ela has also refined her Choco Crossies with cinnamon and chai spice. Mmmm ... what a wonderful chocolate attempt. To the recipe

Hot plum and red wine chutney

Red wine, plums and a generous pinch of cinnamon spread the scent of Christmas throughout the house. For this reason alone, the chutney is a perfect Christmas present for your favorite people. To the recipe

Pink Sugar Gugl

A cup of tea or a hot coffee and a spoonful of sugar. Could be a boring routine. Aside from Karin, she'll sweeten you up with little pink mini-sugar-Gugln. The sugar cube can wrap up there. The little ones can be easily prepared, packed in a nice box and of course given away. To the recipe

Broken chocolate

Looks nifty, but it's easy to make yourself. What you need: a baking sheet, melted chocolate of your choice, coconut oil, sea salt, delicious decorations and very little muscle strength. It's not called chocolate breakage for nothing - the more different the pieces, the nicer the overall result. To the recipe

Christmas drinking chocolate

Cinnamon, sugar, cocoa and chocolate - the basis for cozy winter afternoons on the sofa is ready. And who would have thought that such moments of pleasure could be given away so easily? To the recipe

Dulce de Leche

Yes, it's hard to give up this creamy caramel delicacy. You could also just add a few more servings. There is definitely a place left in the pot for a can of condensed milk. While it is slowly turning into sweet caramel cream, you can already think about what you can do with it. As a spread and cake filling, it looks good. To the recipe

Roasted almonds

The classic gifts from the kitchen should of course not be missing. But here, too, you'd better plan a few more servings. The bewitching scent of caramelizing sugar is hard to resist. Otherwise you don't need much for the crispy treat: almonds, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, water and a pan. To the recipe

Orange and pomegranate liqueur

A sip of liqueur in the sparkling wine and you have something like a quickly mixed Christmas cocktail. Oranges and pomegranate provide the particularly fruity note. Brown sugar rounds off the whole thing with a fine sweetness. Simply delicious! To the recipe

Green pesto

Pasta with pesto isn't a classic for nothing. But pesto from the supermarket? Better to freshly make it yourself, pack it nicely and make others happy. At Eva's under the Christmas tree there is a green version with parsley, basil and coriander. With pumpkin and pine nuts, garlic and coriander seeds. To the recipe

Sweet reindeer cookies

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose ... Oh yes, the red nose is Rudolph's trademark and shines out from the biscuit tin during the Christmas season. With little effort, these cookies ensure a big smile. To the recipe

Nut cake in a glass

Baked quickly and completely, so that all you have to do is pull out your fork and enjoy straight away. Johanna has the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth. A juicy cake with hazelnuts, rum, cinnamon and gingerbread spices, which gives off that Christmas feeling from the very first bite. To the recipe

Roasted walnuts

We've already bagged the classic, now it's time for a second bag with crunchy walnuts wrapped in sugar. The principle is the same as with roasted almonds and that means: There is a risk of addiction. Once you start burning nuts, you can't stop. So much the better for your loved ones. To the recipe

mulled wine jelly

After Christmas is it over with mulled wine? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Instead of at the mulled wine stand, you can simply treat yourself to the spicy drink after the holidays with your loved ones for breakfast as a delicious fruit spread. To the recipe

White chocolate pistachio pralines

Finally, a few chocolate beauties. The beads make a great gift as a gift. They are made quick and easy. Almost too good to eat, but can you resist this sight? To the recipe

Bake yourself happy!

With Karla food processor you conjure up sensational cakes, tarts and co. from stirring, kneading to whipping - thanks 800 watt motor and 8 levels of stirring power every challenge becomes easy.

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