Why is Minecraft suddenly popular again


This is why it is popular: When Fortnite is mentioned, it is usually about a certain game mode - namely Battle Royale. First you jump out of a flying bus with a parachute and land on an island where you have to gather combat equipment. Then it is a matter of eliminating all other players and being the last survivor - then you have won the round. This game principle is very exciting and challenging for many children and young people. In addition, they can play with friends or strangers and in this way even make new friendships. The dances that can be acquired in the game (so-called emotes) are very popular and are used, for example, by soccer stars like Sergio Ramos to celebrate goals. This increases the desire to play and the hype about Fortnite Battle Royale in general for many children and young people. Due to the great awareness and popularity, there is also a high social pressure for young people to play in order to belong and not be excluded.

Risks: The game has a great attraction for many children and young people, so that it can lead to very long playing times. In the case of fixed usage times, you should pay attention to agreed lap numbers instead of time units, as a lap lasts up to 40 minutes and cannot be temporarily stored or paused. If a player has to stop the game in the middle of a round, it can be extremely frustrating - both for the player and for the other players.

Depictions of violence in Fortnite Battle Royale are not depicted realistically, but very abstract. For example, there is no blood or corpses to be seen, the characters only dissolve when they are shot. However, this can also be seen as the minimization of violence, because it does not show what a shot can do. Either way, the game mode requires shooting others and violence is the only way to survive and conquer here.

In addition to dances, gamers can also buy skins in Fortnite Battle Royale - these are visual embellishments for the game character. Like the dances, these accessories have no influence on the game - they do not improve the skills of the players, for example - but they do increase their recognition value and are considered status symbols. The incentive to buy is therefore high for many children and young people.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, gamers can come into contact with strangers via a chat function. Even if you play and chat with people you know, problems such as cyberbullying can arise.

Age rating: USK: 12 years; Recommended for ages 14 and up (game guide NRW)