What is Daniel Fast Diet

The Daniel Plan: Can These 21 Days Change Your Life?

Nutrition tips from the prophet

The book of Daniel belongs to the Old Testament and also plays an important role in Judaism. In addition to end-of-time scenarios, it also contains more or less specific nutritional advice. For example, chapter one describes how Daniel and his friends eat only water, fruits, and vegetables.

After resisting the temptation of meat and wine for ten days, they feel significantly healthier - and fitter than anyone who was lavishly on the royal buffet during this time.

Another description of this diet fast follows in Chapter Ten. Today this is known as the Daniel Plan or Daniel Fast. If you search the Internet, you will find programs that last ten days, but also programs that last 21 or 40 days. That can be varied as required.

Diet with the spiritual icing on the cake

Fasting and faith have been closely linked in human history. As a purification and purification process, the avoidance of food is recommended or even prescribed by many different religions. The Daniel Plan also advises you to use this little cure for inner contemplation.

Whether you want to use this time for intensive prayers or meditations is up to you - but in general, fasting programs are a good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you eat mindfully, it makes sense to move away from thoughtless consumption when watching TV and the like and to focus more on yourself.

What is allowed, what is not allowed?

The Daniel Plan relies on a plant-based diet. Meat and fish are just as taboo as alcohol, coffee and sweets, including sweeteners such as honey. You should also avoid highly processed foods such as fats, dairy products, and fried foods.

Fruits, vegetables and pulses as well as whole grain products, nuts and seeds, spices and herbs as well as tofu are allowed. You should also drink enough water - if you have a headache while fasting, it may be because you are not drinking enough.

Eight glasses a day are recommended. It is best not to start the diet overnight, but rather prepare yourself by eating lighter in the days before and reducing your coffee consumption.

Is the Daniel Plan Healthy?

The University of Memphis devoted a research study to the Daniel Plan and found that the fast reduced inflammatory processes in the body.

In addition, the test participants' cholesterol levels and blood pressure decreased. Before that, the subjects ate an average of around 2100 calories a day, with the Daniel Plan it was only around 1700. No wonder if the pounds drop off too.

The scientists also praised the high antioxidant intake, which reduces oxidative stress in the body. In addition, the diet lowers the risk of diabetes. As part of their study, they also experimented with variations on the classic Daniel plan.

A little lean meat and low-fat milk did not do any worse than the strictly vegan variant.
So thumbs up for the diet plan from the Bible!

(Source: Cover Media)