Goat meat is delicious


April 10, 2019 | Current

The goat, along with the sheep, is one of the oldest animals domesticated by humans. Presumably it was already in the 11th millennium BC In the Middle East as a supplier of milk, meat and leather. The meat of kid goats was particularly valued, as it was considered to be particularly pure and was therefore often prepared as a sacrificial or feast.

Goats are headstrong

Goats can be very frugal when it comes to their diet because they have an efficient digestive system. Depending on the number of plants, they eat leaves, trees, herbs and grass. However, if they find a large selection of food, they turn out to be outspoken gourmets and only care about the best of the best.

Compared to cattle, goats require little feed and little space. In addition, due to their good climbing skills, they can also be kept in mountainous areas where, for example, cattle breeding is no longer successful.

If possible, goats are real gourmets. Like here at the Haghofer goat farm.

Forget your prejudices

In Central Europe significantly less goat meat is consumed than products from other animals such as pork, beef and lamb. In Austria, Switzerland and Germany, however, it has been gaining in popularity again in recent years. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, the meat - especially kidney-goats - is a real delicacy, and on the other hand, it is very healthy. It contains a lot of protein as well as important vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, but little fat and cholesterol.

You can order goat kid meat, for example, from Biohof Hanserl in Buch.

Carefully season fawn meat

Gourmets swear by the fine goat kid meat taste, which is particularly underlined by high-quality oils, fresh herbs such as thyme and rosemary and freshly ground pepper. When seasoning, you should generally be sparing so that the meat's own taste is not destroyed. It is best to use salt just before braising or roasting so that the meat does not lose any liquid and it becomes too dry. Sliced ​​and pan-fried foods can be safely salted after cooking. For steak-like pieces, first sprinkle salt on only one side and fry the unseasoned side. This will prevent too much meat juice from leaking out.

Video: Braised Kitzschutler. Goat fawn is a real delicacy.

Your contribution to sensible goat husbandry - enjoyment included

If you decide to buy goat kid meat: In Austria and Germany there are numerous farmers who specialize in breeding animals. One problem for the breeders, however, is that a relatively large amount of goat cheese and goat milk is bought, but significantly less meat. This makes it difficult to use male animals in terms of sustainable agriculture. With our offer, we at nahgenuss.at would like to increase the sales of goat meat and create advantages for both sides - the farmers and the consumers. If you order via our website, you are not only contributing to species-appropriate and organic animal husbandry, but you are also doing something good for yourself.

Here you can order kid goat meat directly from organic farmers in Austria and Germany.