Which food best represents South Africa

Eating out: These are Cape Town's best restaurants

Ryan Cole had announced "Sashimi from the Yellow Tail". On the plate in his Cape Town restaurant “Salsify”, however, there is now a brightly colored tuft. After a long look, you can see a few strips of carrots, wafer-thin radish slices, a few green stalks and two or three light brown nuts - South African tamarinds, as it turns out.

Scattered over it: a few frosted parmesan nuggets. As you gradually remove the leaves from the ornate braid, you can perceive a hint of ginger before you finally encounter the raw tuna at the bottom. Surprise was a success.

With its African, Asian and traditional elements from French haute cuisine, this tickling starter perfectly represents the vanguard of multicultural cooking on the Cape of Good Hope.

Ryan Cole, together with his teacher Luke Dale-Roberts ("The Test Kitchen") and Peter Tempelhoff ("Fyn"), is one of the trend cooks on the southern tip of Africa. They experiment with fish like with sashimi, but also with meat - from beef, springbok or the forest antelope kudu, sometimes prepared in the classic way, sometimes unusual, sometimes raw as a carpaccio.

Cape Town's cuisine is multicultural

The majority of the chefs in the Cape still come from Europe or Asia. They combine their experience from top gastronomy in France, England, Switzerland or Germany with influences from other parts of the world.