Have you seen an unemployed Harvard graduate?

Salary evaluation: is it worth studying at the private university?

In England and America, private universities are regarded as cadre schools. Whether Harvard, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge: anyone attending a private college has the best chance of a top job in many cases. There have also been private universities in Germany since the 1980s. However, most of them do not come close to their role models from abroad.

And private universities hardly seem to be worthwhile financially. Their graduates often earn less on average than those with a degree from a state university, as an evaluation of the databases of the StepStone job exchange (like WELT AM SONNTAG belongs to Axel Springer SE) shows.

The average gross salary of graduates from private academies, universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences is 66,300 euros per year. For state universities or technical colleges it is 68,000 euros. The calculation was based on the salaries of 6,000 full-time employees with a degree from a private university, 49,200 had studied at a state university.

However, there are certainly subjects where studying at a private university can have a positive effect on pay. This is especially true for mathematics and computer science. According to the StepStone data, graduates from private universities earn an average of 69,800 euros per year. For her fellow students from state universities, the salary is 67,500 euros.