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Builderall Review (03): Build a profitable Builderall business as an affiliate.

What's thisBuilderall business model and can you make money with the Builderall Affiliate Program?

First of all, Builderall is a marketing platform itself. Builderall contains all the tools you need for your marketing. This starts with the construction of your website, the creation of sales funnels, an unlimited (!) E-mail marketing solution and extends to protected member sites, shops, eLearning and webinar platforms.

I described all these apps and more in detail in the last part of my review: "Builderall: Builderall Apps in Detail".

Builderall: Just an Affiliate Program?

At this point I would now like to specifically address Builderall as a "business model".

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So what turns a partner program into a business model?

At first I thought Builderall was a good, but on balance, normal affiliate program. But there are a few subtleties.

Note: Every Builderall can of course apply as an affiliate program: customer and non-customer. This only briefly in advance. But let's look at the Builderall program now ...

Before I get into the details, I'd like to show you Builderall's sales strategy and your commission options (this should be of most interest to you).

  • If you refer a customer, you will get 100% (!) Commission from the first sale.
  • You get 30% sales commission from every follow-up payment by the customer - every month.

Now it gets even more exciting ...

Builderall offers a commission payout tier. That means …

  • If one of your customers places Builderall, they get 100% commission in the first month and then you BOTH 30% commission in each subsequent month.

Is this a pyramid scheme? No. A pyramid scheme grows through the introduction of capital into the system, in other words: if you want to make money, you have to bring money into the system. This is different here: you don't have to be a customer to promote Builderall. If you only recruit partners (who don't buy anything), you (and Builderall) don't earn any money either.

In this respect, this is a partner program. A lucrative affiliate program, sure - but still a normal affiliate program.

This begs the question: Why does a company like Builderall pay 60% in commissions?

The answer is probably simple: Because Builderall probably saves on advertising. You don't need to advertise, pay for TV spots or advertise on the Internet. Your partners take care of all of this.

The idea behind it is clever, because if I recommend the program to you now, then it has a completely different status than Builderall itself was making a name for itself.

So here the company lets the community advertise itself and then pays the advertisers princely.

But let's look at what you can actually earn in practice ...

The Builderall commission model.

To find out what I can earn with Builderall, Builderall provides me with a handy commission calculator. I've calculated two examples for myself here. But be careful: all results referenced herein are estimates or projections only and should not be considered exact, current, or a promise of potential revenue: all figures are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Example 1:

In the first example, I'm a little lazy. So I calculate with small numbers to see if Builderall can be worthwhile for me as an affiliate.

  • I expect to be able to inspire two customers a month with Builderall in a year.
  • So that's 24 sales in a year.
  • In addition, I assume that half of my customers also find Builderall good and recommend the apps to others.
  • So 12 of my clients are promoting Builderall.
  • For my customers, I assume that they can find at least one customer of their own per month. In the second level, I don't get any commission in the first month, because 100% of this goes to my customers. But I get 30% of the monthly sales.
  • This creates a monthly commission payment in the amount of 2856.00 €

Example 2:

In my second example, I am now taking a sporty approach.

  • Here I find two customers a month again.
  • Now I assume again that half of my customers want to recommend Builderall to others.
  • I assume that my customers will be able to find two customers per month this time as well.
  • This creates a monthly income in the amount of € 5,304.00

Now you have to consider that some customers will also cancel. In addition, not every customer buys the big tariff. And then there is also the fact that in my case I am not assuming that I will find 50 customers and 25 committed partners anytime soon. I'm pretty lazy (when it comes to affiliate marketing). So I'll halve the amount.

And then there are still around 4,000 euros in commission - per month. Is worse ...

But once again: You shouldn't be blinded when it comes to affiliate commissions. Not everyone has the time and opportunities to build a new business just like that. But even if I can only refer three customers (and I've already done so), I can use all the tools for free. And now at the latest you can ask yourself whether this is not a good incentive ?!

How does Builderall support your business?

If you start applying for Builderall, you will first get a whole range of material at hand. This ranges from ready-made websites, ready-made e-mails to extensive tutorials that explain exactly how you can best set up your Builderall business.

This means that even as a beginner you can start building your business right away.

This is a great thing for once.

Your customers. Your business!

The biggest difference to a normal affiliate program, however, is that, from Builderall's point of view, your referred customers are yours. This means that you also get direct contact from your customers.

So if someone buys Builderall via your link, they'll add themselves to your email list. You can now advertise a customer with your other products.

This thought goes so far that Builderall agrees to buy your customers off if you want to give up your Builderall business.

And this is a great announcement indeed: Builderall really sees your work as an investment in your future. Here you should establish your own business with your own customers.

This is a huge difference to a normal affiliate program.

In fact, this is the main reason why I am dealing so intensively with this business idea here. Basically, I'm not a fan of affiliate programs. You invest a lot of time and effort in order to receive a commission. Usually this is not profitable.

A completely different incentive comes into play here via the recurring commissions. But since I can still earn money if my customers recommend Builderall to others, the whole concept becomes really exciting. And since the acquired customers are really my customers and I can get in touch with my customers, Builderall becomes a very good business idea.

And even if I fail all along the line and only find three customers, I can use the entire platform for my marketing almost free of charge.

Because one thing must not be forgotten: I can use all the tools for myself!

Okay, I think you understood the essence of Builderall, the different offerings and the concept of Builderall Business.

The Builderall commission calculator

Do you want to play around with the numbers? Then you can find the commission calculator here:

-> Builderall Business commission calculator:

Let us now come to my final conclusion. In particular, I would like to look in the next part of my review,

  • Whether it's worth investing in Builderall if I only use the tool for myself.
  • How does the price compare to the purchase of individual software solutions
  • What are the advantages of Builderall and what do I dislike?
  • And maybe there is a much better alternative?

All of this in my last part: My Builderall experiences ...

-> It continues with PART 4: Price comparison & My Builderall experiences


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