How do I get a free bike

City of Taunusstein

© City of Taunusstein Show in original size 2564 KB - 3564 x 2830 At the start of the campaign period on September 14th, the e-bikes will be on the Dr. Peter-Nikolaus-Platz issued by the project team as part of an official launch event with Mayor Sandro Zehner at 11.30 a.m.

“We have many routes in the countryside that are ideal for cyclists and, above all, safe because you don't have to fight your way through big city traffic,” says Zehner. "However, the individual parts of the city are sometimes further apart and there are definitely differences in altitude that you have to master - an e-bike is ideal in these conditions," says Zehner.

Three months - eleven bicycles for two weeks each
The campaign runs for a total of three months. A total of eleven bikes are available, including the classic motorized bicycles up to 25 kilometers per hour, but also the fast e-bikes with up to 45 kilometers per hour, for which a class M driving license is required for the younger generations (after 1965). So that as many citizens as possible have the chance to discover e-bike riding for themselves, the bikes have to be brought back to the town hall after a two-week test phase, are checked by the project team from Nahmobilität Hessen, serviced if necessary, and can then be used by the next testers be collected.

If you want to test an e-bike, you can register free of charge at The organizers distribute the e-bikes to the possible time periods and interested parties. If all bikes are taken, there are waiting lists. If you didn't get a bike straight away, you will be informed if a bike should not be picked up.

With a motor over every Taunus hill
“Bicycling will play an increasing role in mobility - it is environmentally friendly, fast, inexpensive and requires little space, making it a sustainable solution. And with a motor, everyone in the Taunus region can easily get over the hills and into the neighboring cities, ”said Zehner.

The concept is being implemented by the Local Mobility Working Group in Hessen, which distributes and maintains the bikes and organizes the entire allocation process. The initiative was commissioned by the Hessian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing. The city administration had already applied for the campaign last year in order to give all interested parties the chance to find out whether and how they can use an e-bike in their everyday life. "Rediscover cycling" paused due to the corona pandemic and has now resumed at short notice. The promotional periods are specified by the provider. The aim is to get more people excited about cycling and to reduce reservations about e-bikes.

Subsidies for cargo bikes from the country
Anyone who is already convinced of cycling and is thinking about a cargo bike or child trailer can receive funding from the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

Up to 1,000 euros in funding are possible, for example, for cargo bikes with electric drives. All information on cargo bike funding is available at

City cycling starts on August 31st
It is the second campaign of the Taunusstein city administration in terms of cycling this autumn: On August 31, 2020 city cycling starts in Taunusstein. If you feel like it, you can simply register free of charge at and enter every kilometer you have ridden. When it comes to city cycling, municipalities across Germany playfully compete against each other in order to promote cycling in cities and to integrate cycling more consciously into the everyday life of the citizens.