How do I hide WordPress posts

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Do you want to hide or protect a page or post in WordPress? For example, in front of visitors or search engines? This is no problem with the right plugins or with WordPress on-board tools.


Hide WordPress page or post from visitors

By default, WordPress shows all published articles sorted by date. This usually happens across all pages. If you want to remove a certain post from the tag pages or the start page, for example, you need the help of the WP Hide Post plugin.

After installing the plug-in, the following window appears in the draft view of the entry. Here you can decide when the amount will be hidden.

A slightly different window appears on Pages. Here you can decide whether the page is to be seen everywhere or whether it should be hidden on the start page or everywhere.


Hide WordPress page or post from search engines

Do you want certain pages or posts not to be indexed by Google? There are several ways to do this. I would like to introduce you to two of these pages or posts with the tag.


With the WP Hide Post plugin

In addition to hiding the page or the post from visitors, the aforementioned plug-in can also hide it from search engines. To do this, tick the box on the right in the editor.


With the plugin Yoast SEO

Pages and posts can also be hidden from search engines with the Yoast SEO plugin. To do this, click on the in the editor in the Yoast SEO block. Then you choose the entry.


Protect the page with a password

Do you want to protect certain amounts or pages with a password? Then it is very easy to do in WordPress with on-board tools and without a plugin.


Protect WordPress post or page with a password

You can easily protect WordPress pages or posts with a password. To do this, click on in the top right of the tile at on the design page. Now you can set whether the page or the post should be public or private. You can also assign a password for opening here.

Enter the password and confirm with. After saving you will get the message that the page or the article is password protected. You now have to enter the password to open this page again. For example, do you only want to protect part of a page or a download with a password? Then you can't avoid a plugin.


Protect the area on a page or in a post with a password

As already mentioned, you can only protect a complete page or the entire post with a password with the WordPress on-board tools. If only some areas are to be protected, you have to use the Password Protected plug-in, for example. You can test this for 14 days, after which it costs 49 dollars a month.

Alternatively, you can also use a membership plug-in such as Membership 2. These work a little differently, however. The visitors who register come in different memberships. For example, the standard members are only allowed to read certain pages. Then you can define premium members, for example, who can then open all pages and posts.