How much do senators make a year

Left-wing politician has "forgotten" accountingWhat the Berlin Senators earn on the side ...

Berlin - Basically, regardless of how many supervisory board positions a member of the Senate has and how much money they are entitled to - a maximum of 6135.50 euros per year may be collected. The remainder must be paid to the state treasury immediately the following year.

The top inspector at the Berlin companies is Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (42, Greens). The sum that appears high at first glance (49,500 euros) is more of a transitory item. The majority was delivered, only 1677 euros withheld.

And why does Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (62, SPD) give more than he got from state companies? Because, for example, he also controls institutions such as Charité and the collective bargaining community of the federal states - he also had income from there.

Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (42, Greens)

► Earned 49,500 euros, delivered 47,823 euros

► Mandates: five

She is the head of the supervisory board of four XXL companies: BSR, BVG, Wasserbetriebe, investment bank - each with at least 10,000 euros per year. At the fair, the vice-chairman receives € 7,500.

Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (54, SPD)

► Earned 150 euros, delivered 0 euros

► Mandates: three

But the work for the pool operations and BBB Infrastruktur-Verwaltungs GmbH was not remunerated and the supervisory board position at the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH with 150 euros.

Head of the Senate Chancellery Christian Gaebler (55, SPD)

► Earned 450 euros, delivered 0 euros

► Mandates: three

The chief organizer in the Rotes Rathaus is in charge of the board of trustees of the German Film and TV Academy, which does not bring in any money. As a member of the board of directors of the German Class Lottery, you get 450 euros.

Transport Senator Regine Günther (57, Greens)

► Earned 2000 euros, delivered 500 euros

► Mandates: The politician sits on the supervisory board of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), which regularly meets four times a year. There was 2000 euros for this

Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (53, SPD)

► Earned 6762 euros, delivered 2565 euros

► Mandates: one. The health senator is a member of the supervisory board of the Berlin clinic group - in 2018 there were exactly 6762 euros

Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (62, SPD)

► Earned 31,414 euros, delivered 41,577 euros

► Mandates: four

As a supervisory board member, Berlin's chief financial officer controls Wasserbetriebe (6,000 euros), the real estate company Berlinovo (11,414), the investment bank (8,000) and Vivantes (6,000)

The Lompscher case

Among the members of the Senate with a control function, one woman stands out: Katrin Lompscher (58), party book Die Linke. Ironically, the experienced politician, who already belonged to two Senate teams, did not transfer the compulsory part of her extra money to the state treasury last year.

The Senator for Urban Development has three control mandates. As a member of the supervisory board of the Tempelhof project, you get 600 euros a year, nothing at the Tegel project, but as the vice-head of the board of directors of the Investment Bank (IBB), you get at least 7500 euros. Of the total of 8100 euros, the Senator would have had to give at least 1964.50 euros to the state treasury each year.

AfD financial expert Kristin Brinker (48) asked the Finance Senate for the list of payments and taxes. Her verdict is clear: “The fact that Ms. Lompscher 'forgot' to transfer the stipulated part of her Supervisory Board remuneration to the State of Berlin is a scandal. Not noticing 8,000 euros too much in the account - nobody believes that. As a building senator she has long since failed professionally and with this attempted unjustified enrichment she also fails politically. Your resignation is overdue. "

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The senator herself does not want to comment, her spokeswoman Petra Rohland said: "Following a request from BILD, the necessary amount has been transferred today."

With Lompscher's state secretaries, it worked for a long time without any problems: Sebastian Scheel (44) took away 15,687 of 16,700 euros. And Senate Building Director Regula Lüscher (58) from 6375 euros at least 765.

At the end of December 2017, Lompscher's office manager asked internally whether the IBB funds would be transferred to the Senator and whether she would have to settle the amount herself later. She was told that the administration would do an internal accounting - that did not happen.