Leave milk biscuits for Santa Claus

One of the classiest jobs of the North American Air and Space Defense Command, Norad, is tracking Santa's flight rod on Christmas Eve. Children from all over the US can call the armed forces and get the latest updates. Every now and then a child is put through to the commander in chief. So Donald Trump answered the phone at Christmas 2018.

His conversation with seven-year-old Collman Lloyd made headlines around the world. Because Trump let it be known in the conversation that Santa Claus might not exist after all. Collman's family filmed the conversation and posted it to the local newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina,Post and Courier cleverly. Collman will put out a few cookies for Santa Claus and then hang out with her friends, she tells Trump about her plans for Christmas Eve. In the US there are gifts on the morning of December 25th. "Have a good time," you wish Trump. "Yes, sir," Collman replies. "Do you still believe in Santa Claus?" Asks the President. "Yes, sir," says Collman. "Because at the age of seven that's borderline, right," says Trump. "Yes, sir," says Collman.

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Trump used the word "marginal" in English, which can mean "incidental", "borderline" or "marginal". Collman told the newspaper Post and Courierthat she had never heard the word before the conversation. That she suddenly spoke to the president was "wow," she said. Should she speak to him again, she would ask Trump about his family.

Collman and her siblings left cookies and milk for Santa after the phone call and went to bed. The next morning, cookies and milk were gone, and instead presents were lying under the tree. Collmann got a doll. Santa Claus does exist (yes), she told the newspaper.