What is the best affiliate network

Affiliate Networks Software & Tools in Comparison

Affiliate networks are platforms on which advertising companies (advertisers) can enter into partnership with website operators (affiliates). The affiliates can incorporate advertising material from the company on their websites and only receive remuneration if previously agreed services such as B. Clicks, leads or purchases can be achieved. By using affiliate marketing solutions, advertisers increase their brand awareness and, at the same time, their sales.

In the advertisers 'partner programs, website operators are provided with banners, links or logos, for example, which they integrate on their website in order to direct users to the advertisers' online shop or corresponding product pages and, at best, to encourage them to make a purchase. Affiliates receive a commission from the advertiser for this. In order to be able to keep an overview here, the steps of the potential buyers are tracked inside - from the first click to the final purchase. This can be done via cookie tracking, postview tracking or session tracking.

Affiliate networks offer the technical requirements for affiliate marketing. This includes all steps from creating an affiliate program to networking the advertisers with the affiliates to processing payments between the two parties. Advertisers usually have to pay commissions to affiliate networks.