When would you speak Chinese in Singapore?

Do you speak Chinese (Mandarin) in Singapore?

Singapore has four official languages: English (due to the British colonial past and for the general understanding of the different cultures there), Bahasa Malaysia (because it used to belong to Malaysia and many Malay and Malay people still live there), the Indian language Tamil and yes who have favourited Mandarin Chinese language.

The announcements in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport, the local metro) are always in English and, depending on the district, also in Malay, Tamil or Mandarin.

Everyone speaks English there, even if the Chinese and Malays are sometimes quite strange ("Singlisch", pronunciation deficits due to the peculiarities of the mother tongue, some "wrong friends", i.e. differently used vocabulary and almost every sentence ends with "lah", something like that Swiss "or" or the German "not true" ended). Some Chinese taxi drivers have had problems with me to tell the hotels "Ramada" (my hotel) and "Amara" (another) apart. Very nice the conclusion of a driver, to whom I showed my room card after a long discussion: "This is not Amada Hotel, this is Amada Hotel".

Mandari and Tamil have been chosen at random by the government and do not necessarily represent the ethnic groups and languages ​​of Chinese / Chinese-born and Indian / Indian-born in Singapore.

But yes, the Chinese speak Madarin there and it is even an official language. Okay lah?