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Bicycle Vienna

In the Google Play Store, but also in the App Store, you will find many apps for cycling, route planning and navigation. In addition to their quick and safe route selection, some apps also offer other functions, such as navigation functions, bike computer functions or your own route planning. We took a closer look at the following three apps.

Bike Citizens: In addition to real-time navigation and bike computer functions, the app also offers the option of creating your own routes. Under the motto “Reach your destination safely and comfortably”, the app takes into account cycle paths, one-way lanes and bus lanes open to cycle traffic, navigates through side streets and knows abbreviations when choosing a route. The app also contains tour suggestions, such as the Danube Canal and Marchfeld Canal Cycle Path, which are suitable for cycling in leisure time. The app is also an offer for city tourists who want to explore Vienna by bike.
The app is characterized by its good and safe route selection. The way is shown with voice announcements and a display on the mobile phone screen. In addition to information on the distance traveled, the current speed is also displayed. The city package for Vienna costs € 4.99.

AnachB: With this free app you can find the optimal route through Vienna and the surrounding area. Whether by bike, public transport, on foot or the best combination of these - the AnachB route planner suggests the fastest route. Not only within Vienna, but also for the neighboring federal states of Lower Austria and Burgenland. Construction site closures, traffic reports and an up-to-date traffic overview can be displayed on the basis of the “ITS Vienna Region” and are automatically taken into account and avoided when planning the route. However, real-time navigation is not available to users. The app provides information about all city bike stations and their status and shows users where to find “Wiener -ügel” bicycle parking facilities.

BikeMap: With this app you can follow predefined routes in Vienna and the surrounding area, but also in many other international cities and their surroundings, and navigate in real time. You can choose between city, mountain bike and racing bike routes. It is also possible to create your own routes. Voice announcements and a display on the screen show you the way. The app also has bike computer functions. It shows the duration, the current speed and the distance covered. In a further window you can see the altitude covered and your current altitude.
In addition to the free version, a premium version of the app is also offered. With this extension you can save maps offline.

The functions of the apps at a glance:

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Bicycle computer functionsxx
plan your own routesxx
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