How much do escorts earn

Salomé Balthus"Any Mrs Has the Law, With of their sexuality money to to earn"

Sex as a commodity, body as a service? Her reality is different for the prostitute Salomé Balthus. She says: My goods are a good time - for everyone involved.

Salomé Balthus works as a prostitute - out of conviction. In 2016 she founded her own agency for luxury escorts with Hetaera. The prices for their services start at around 1000 euros. In contrast to other agencies, Salomé Balthus does not take any commission.

Up to 40 percent is quite common in the industry, she says. In their - so literally - "escort kolkhoz", the women work independently, emphasizes Salomé Balthus. None of them are in an emergency.

"I think every woman has the right to earn money with her sexuality. But only she alone."
Salomé Balthus, escort, operator of and author

The goods that are sold there are actually time, i.e. dates with the option of eroticism and sex. Salomé Balthus describes men with above-average education as the portal's target group.

Escort: freedom for both

Basically, men would try harder in bed if they were paying money. But women and couples also book dates there. Ideally, there is a nice feeling of freedom on both sides.

"To be honest, in the vast majority of cases it comes to sex - because we do the job, because we like it."
Salomé Balthus, escort, operator of and author

She maintains relationships with some of her customers for years, they are like lovers. Opposite her, the men only showed the side of the exuberant and unbiased eroticism. They met completely unencumbered.

"Often people then show themselves as they might have always wanted to be, but they just can't do it because they have made too many mistakes. These mistakes do not exist with me."
Salomé Balthus, escort, operator of and author

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk-Nova presenter Sebastian Sonntag, Salomé Balthus also explains why she cannot use the term "high class" in connection with her portal but still needs it. You will also learn why she thinks little of relationship models and very much of love and loyalty.