What can I sell to China

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Large and well-known companies are currently making headlines almost every day when they enter the Chinese market. The Middle Kingdom offers extremely interesting opportunities for brands and retailers.

In the past three years, the e-commerce market in China has grown by an impressive 185 percent. And there is currently no end in sight to the boom. With annual growth rates of up to 40 percent, now is the ideal time to get started. But the market in China works differently.

Made in Germany counts in China

Brands and goods from Germany still count here and are considered to be of high quality. But the Chinese also like to buy products of European origin. By purchasing these goods, you proudly show that you can afford it.

Mobile only!

While the motto “Mobile First!” Is still used in Europe, “Mobile Only!” Applies in China. For most people, the smartphone is the primary gateway to the Internet. This can already be seen in the cityscape. The QR codes, which are rather rare for us, are ubiquitous in China. Optimization for mobile devices is mandatory.

Marketplaces and platforms dominate

The Chinese consumer is suspicious. That is why marketplaces are much more important than in Europe. The digital cross-border marketplaces Tmall Global and JD worldwide are also the best-known examples in this country. In addition to your own web shop, there are a number of other platforms that may be more suitable for selling your own goods.

Payment is different

The already mentioned distrust of dealers can also be seen elsewhere. In cross-border commerce in particular, the Chinese prefer electronic wallets and payment methods on smartphones. Alipay with its e-wallet or Tenpay, which also offers the payment method in the WeChat network, dominate the market. To be successful in China, e-commerce shippers have to offer a completely different portfolio of payment methods.

The goods have to get to the customer quickly

As everywhere in the world, customers in China want their goods as soon as possible after ordering. In order not to disappoint them, retailers from Germany have to look for a powerful and reliable logistics partner.

In order to successfully enter Chinese e-commerce, there are a number of things to consider. A free whitepaper saves time and effort. The tips put together by the experts for Chinese e-commerce help you successfully enter the Chinese market, for example when looking for the right sales platform or the payment method.