How do cows sound

Ten facts about cows

Cow shoving: old myth, bad idea

The myth of “cow pushing” is widespread among village children: the rumor has been around for generations that sleeping cows that are on the pasture at night can simply be pushed around. However, there are two big errors hidden here: On the one hand, cows do not sleep standing up. On the other hand, one cannot speak of “simple”. The weight of cows varies greatly depending on the species, but even a relatively light animal weighs around 500 kilograms. In addition: Cows are flight animals and would either run away or even react with an attack reaction if they tried to approach them. Far from being feasible, pushing the cow is not a funny evening activity, but means unnecessary stress for the animals.

Anyone who still doubts that people can get carried away with such stupid things will be taught better by the current "Kulikitaka Challenge": Under the corresponding hashtag, users post supposedly funny pictures on TikTok in which they scare cows. The music was accompanied by the song "Kulikitaka" by the merengue musician Toño Rosario, which explains the name of the challenge. Just like the cow pushing, this action endangers the health of the animals as well as your own. For this reason, the videos are now also being deleted from the social network under the corresponding hashtag.

The cow makes muh?

The question “How is the cow doing?” Determines the majority of the conversations between parents and toddlers. Strictly speaking, the answer is not just “moo”. In fact, the German researcher Dr. Gerhard Jahns identify ten sounds that may sound like “moo” to laypeople, but with which cows express different needs. The retired agricultural scientist developed a “dictionary” for cow language, in which approx. 700 utterances of 39 cows are recorded (status: 2010).