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The best travel time to Malaysia - information about the rainy season and the climate

Malaysia is an exciting and diverse country. We spent a lot of time in this country during our world tour between 2015 and 2018. Destinations included Kuala Lumpur, Penang, the Cameron Highlands and Ipoh. The climate in Malaysia is fairly constant all year round. Almost everywhere in the country there is an always humid and tropical rainforest climate. You always have to expect precipitation. You should also be prepared for a very high level of humidity. You can find out everything about the best travel time in Malaysia in the following article.

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Best time to travel to Malaysia

Malaysia is an exciting country in Southeast Asia and is divided into West Malaysia and East Malaysia (Borneo). The western part of the country is located on the Malay Peninsula and borders Thailand. East Malaysia is located partly on the island of Borneo. The west and east of the country are separated from each other nearly 300 km by the South China Sea. It is therefore not surprising that this results in geographical and climatic differences.

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The country is divided into two climate zones: On the one hand, there are Equatorial climate and isolated tropical monsoon climate (North of West Malaysia, Borneo). Now you might be wondering what exactly does that mean? The so-called equatorial climate is responsible for moist air and high temperatures. The tropical monsoon climate, on the other hand, ensures a relatively short dry season and a longer rainy season. During the rainy season there can be heavy rains. So we cannot say exactly when exactly is THE best time to visit Malaysia.

That depends a lot more on which parts of the country you are in. There is no such thing as THE ideal time for a trip to Malaysia. You always have to expect rain. In addition, the temperatures are very high all year round, as is the humidity (between 70% and 98%). Hardly in any other country did we have to struggle with the humidity as much as in Malaysia. It doesn't really cool down even at night. It only gets a little cooler in higher regions, such as the Cameron Highlands.

Rainy season and dry season in Malaysia

Yes, in Malaysia there is also a rainy season in addition to the dry season. This is triggered by the monsoon. The monsoons can have different effects depending on the region. Especially during the rainy season there can be really heavy rainfall in some regions. Occasionally there is even severe flooding. In most cases, however, it only rains briefly and heavily. It rarely rains for a whole day. But it is still possible.

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If you are on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula between September and December, you definitely have to expect rain. On the east side, it rains relatively heavily, especially between October and January. In the north of the island of Borneo, most of the rain falls between October and February. If you travel to the northwest coast, you should expect rain between June and November.

So how about the dry season? In the east of the peninsula it is very dry and warm, especially between June and August / September. But even during this time you have to expect showers, because there is still more than 60mm of precipitation per month.

Climate and best travel time to the west coast

The Malay Peninsula is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. Here you can not only tour the capital Kuala Lumpur, but also the islands of Langkawi or Penang. In general, of course, you can travel to the west of Malaysia all year round. As already mentioned at the beginning, it is very humid and warm all year round. The best travel time for west Malaysia is nevertheless between December and February.

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If you take a look at the various climate tables, you will see that it is comparatively dry during these months. A trip is also highly recommended in November and March. In winter you could go on a beach holiday on the islands. Kuala Lumpur is an attractive travel destination all year round. The are especially suitable here Summer months of June, July and August, as only few rainy days are recorded here.

Climate and best travel time east coast

The rainy and dry seasons in the east of the Malay Peninsula are relatively pronounced. The best travel time for the east coast is between March and October. Especially in June, July and August, many travel to the east coast of Malaysia (e.g. Tioman, Redang, Perhentian Islands). At this time you can expect good weather with high temperatures and only a few rainy days.

The region is not recommended during the rainy season. Then you have to expect heavy rainfall and storms. During this time, even the hotels on the islands close and there are no more boats. At least that's what former travelers have reported about it.

Climate and best travel time to Borneo

The following information according to travel guides and former travelers, as we have not yet been to Borneo: Are you planning a trip to Borneo (Malay part)? Then you should choose the months between March and mid-September. The months between April and July should be particularly pleasant. In general, the island of Borneo is very prone to rain and so you have to expect showers throughout the whole year.

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There should be really heavy rains around Kutsching, especially between October and February. The dry season begins in the north of Sabah near Kota Kinabalu in December and lasts around until May. Of course, that can never be said exactly, but we are also talking about the average over the last few years. Most of the rains are recorded in October. In the south of Sabah (Sandakan etc.) the rainy season also begins in October. Here the dry season begins around March and lasts until September. So when is the best time to visit Borneo? That depends on the region.

Conclusion on the best travel time in Malaysia

The best travel time for Malaysia So it depends on the respective region. Do you want to go to the West Malaysia to travel? Then the cold winter months are particularly suitable. Kuala Lumpur you can also travel in the summer months. You'd rather go to that East coast of the Malay Peninsula and visit one of the islands? Then choose the summer months.

Also for Travel to Borneo The summer months are best. In general, however, you should remember that it is always warm to hot in Malaysia and also really very humid. You have to expect rain showers all year round, no matter where you are.

Travel reading Malaysia

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