Can I be rich without education

How do I get rich - even without a high school diploma

Little is known about Germany's super-rich. Federal Labor Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) speaks of a "black box" that one cannot look into. The historian and sociologist Rainer Zitelmann asked dozens of self-made multimillionaires about their way to the top. He contradicts the thesis that origin and academic education are primarily necessary for social advancement. Much more important are certain characteristics that distinguish the very wealthy from the majority of the population.

The world: Mr. Zitelmann, you researched “The Psychology of the Super Rich” and wrote a book about it. At what level do you belong to it?

Rainer Zitelmann: For my research I have set the lower limit at ten million euros. Anyone who has such a fortune can live from the income as a rich man imagines. Most of the interviewees, however, had significantly higher assets - between 30 million and one billion euros.

The world: How many super-rich are there in Germany?

Zitelmann: Since wealth tax has not been levied in Germany for many years, there are no reliable figures on how many people in this country have a two- to three-digit net worth. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 people living in Germany with assets of at least 30 million US dollars. From this threshold, international financial institutions speak of “ultra high net worth individuals”. However, there is reliable data on the number of income millionaires, which was around 16,500 in 2012. The group of self-made millionaires who have made at least a double-digit fortune is likely to be similarly large. Because if you are not an income millionaire, it will be difficult to get so rich.

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