What does data processing mean

What does data processing mean?

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Who can save my personal data?

1 BDSG is the storage of Data Permissible for own purposes: "if it is necessary for the establishment, implementation or termination of a legal or legal obligation relationship with the person concerned". The principle of data minimization in accordance with § 3a BDSG must be observed.

What does the basic rule of minimum data processing mean?

Personal data must be appropriate and substantial for the purpose and limited to what is necessary for the purposes of processing (= principle of data minimization). The regulation is thus similar to the previously existing principle of data avoidance and data economy according to § 3a BDSG.

What are the principles of the GDPR?

5 of the EUGDPR sets the overriding principles of data processing. ... The principles of earmarking, correctness and data minimization or storage limitation (previously: data economy) are already known. In particular, data economy and earmarking were fiercely contested in the development process of the regulation.

What is collecting data?

The concept of "Elevation“More personal Data is not defined in more detail in the GDPR. In Art. 4 No. 2 GDPR it is only stated that Elevate besides other operations like that Capture, Saving, changing, transmitting is to be regarded as processing.

What does automated processing mean?

A "automated processing" means the processing personal data e.g. from computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras (including webcams and dashcams), scanners, copiers, etc. processing personal data used digital media such as internet, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

What does the term process in the BDSG mean?

To processing This includes saving, changing, transferring, locking and deleting the data. Any use of personal data outside of the processing to understand. Also in the BDSG regulates which rights and obligations the supervisory authorities have for data protection.

What does processing mean when placing an order?

To edit or complete a Order it belongs to a payment. In the e-commerce system, a payment usually has to be verified in order to obtain the current one Order and complete the purchasing workflow.

Why is data collected?

A survey is the collection and evaluation of Data, for example in the field of opinion, election or market research. ... through the (Data-) Survey, the characteristics of an object to be examined are to be presented statistically.

What is the Federal Data Protection Act?

The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) regulates together with the data protection laws of the federal states, the handling of personal data that is processed in information and communication systems or manually.

Is a violation of the BDSG a criminal offense?

A deliberate one violation according to § 43 paragraph 2 BDSG however, can be criminally relevant if this is with the intention of enrichment or against Payment was made: Then the violation of Data protection a sensitive one punishment entail: one Fine or even a prison sentence of up to two years.

What is not a principle of the GDPR?

Direct survey - no Duty more

The principle the direct survey has no express regulation in the GDPR receive. According to the current legal situation, data must generally be collected from the person concerned.

When is the processing of data permitted?

The processing more personal Data is only then allowedif it is lawful, so a legal basis for the processing exists or the data subject has given their consent (cf. Art. 6 GDPR). Legal basis for processing more personal Data of the client is regularly Art.