What is the best brand of vitamins to take

The dubious news from vitamin manufacturers

Vitamin manufacturers are attracting customers with unsustainable promises. Worse still, they sometimes accept serious damage to the health of consumers.

Some vitamin dealers even advertise conspiracy theories: On www.FeelGood-Shop.com, for example, it is said that "the pharmaceutical industry is not on the lookout for the effects of vitamin E" because it is very concerned with the consequences of cardiovascular diseases Earn money. It is very good news for mankind that the much cheaper and non-patentable vitamin E prevents the risk of such diseases and reduces heart attacks and strokes by up to 40 percent. In fact, some pharmaceutical manufacturers market cheaper drugs less intensively than more expensive drugs that make more money. However, several scientific studies show that online pill retailers - like many other vitamin E suppliers - are attracting customers with unsustainable promises.

Only recently, an international team of researchers systematically evaluated nine existing studies on the preventive effect of vitamin E for stroke. A total of almost 59,400 subjects also took vitamin E for these studies. About the same number of test persons received a placebo. The researchers checked how many subjects had had a stroke a year later or later. The study results published in the renowned British Medical Journal clearly show: Vitamin E does not protect against stroke, on the contrary. The researchers found evidence that it may pose a health risk. In any case, consuming the dietary supplement increased the risk of cerebral hemorrhage by 22 percent. The study authors calculated that for every 1250 people consuming vitamin E, there is one additional case of cerebral haemorrhage. The researchers therefore warn »against the unbridled consumption of vitamin E«.

The new study confirms a meta-analysis of 19 studies from 2004 that found that taking high-dose vitamin E supplements increased the risk of death. A Finnish study concluded that the additional consumption of vitamin E could cause cancer.

Jörg Schaaber from the journal “Gute Pillen - Bad Pillen” also warns against taking additional vitamin E: “Anyone who swallows useless pills and therefore neglects sensible measures increases their risk.” Experts recommend high blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke Treat medication and exercise regularly to prevent obesity. Nutrition experts also recommend more »Mediterranean food«. Researchers at the University of Athens recently confirmed for a survey study that a Mediterranean diet reduces blood fat and blood sugar.

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