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Some women cannot get enough of beautiful jewelry. Those who have taste and style choose their jewelry to match their outfit. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to choose your jewelry according to other criteria - for example, according to safety regulations at the workplace, price considerations or due to allergic tendencies.

Elisabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe had a soft spot for diamonds. Most German women have some high quality pieces and a small box full of costume jewelry. The more valuable pieces include a wristwatch and the wedding ring, usually a beautiful necklace with a pendant or a necklace and a diamond ring. Some women have earrings with cultured pearls. Young women are more into casual jewelry, such as leather bracelets, costume jewelry chains or silver-plated bracelets. In Bavaria traditional or modern dirndl jewelry is worn as an accessory to the traditional costume.

Nice deers

In the north of the republic, this is the name given to handsome and beautifully dressed women of young age. It is unlikely that a female northern light would wear a leather costume collar. You also choose the jewelry according to its intended use or the region in which you live.

We have Stockerpoint or Ambros Design jewelry in stock for the young ladies from Bavaria at low prices. The northern lights will rather be happy about our shop offers from manufacturers such as Fossil, EDC by Esprit, Lisbeth Dahl, Silvio Tossi, Heartbreaker or Guess. In fashion jewelry, artificial pearls and alloyed or gold-plated metals are more likely to be used. Nevertheless, fashion jewelry can look good. Every buyer decides how playful or romantic it can be. Today, fashion jewelry is no longer considered a cheap substitute for those who cannot afford real jewelry. On the contrary: it has also emancipated itself because of its practical value.

Fashion jewelry, whether chains, earrings or watches, does not require theft insurance or a safe. You pass it on to your little daughter when you no longer find it in vogue. Some pieces of jewelry have a certain meaning and are particularly dear to your heart. Others were only bought in our outlet for a specific occasion. You rarely wear them afterwards. A pearl necklace - even if it only consists of artificial pearls - does not go with every dress.

Traditional costume, hip game look or everyday dress?

You can also only wear traditional costume jewelry to a limited extent. Others, such as necklaces and bracelets, should be changed every day if possible. Here the outlet is the cheapest source of supply in order to effortlessly expand the selection with a few pieces of jewelry. The choice can easily be made online, because you don't want to have to wander halfway through the city for costume jewelery.

Rings have a much less frequent changeover frequency than necklaces or bracelets. Here one often prefers more noble materials. You would not wear an expensive diamond or brilliant ring for every occasion. Neither does a ring with a large gemstone. It interferes with many everyday activities. Therefore, it is preferred to wear it for Sunday coffee or to a rendezvous. With necklaces, whether gold or silver, you can emphasize or counteract the style of clothing with a corresponding chain. Floral dresses can get a hippie touch when paired with a matching chain. A somewhat staid, matter-of-fact or simple look can be softened with a striking chain and an elaborate hairstyle. Traditional dirndl can be brought into the modern age with a smiley on a chain. Young women do not prefer the classic traditional dirndl anyway, but prefer to dress in a country house look or in a modern traditional costume variant. In addition, one likes to wear a traditional blouse with jeans in everyday life and can crown both with a beautiful piece of jewelry from our shop.

Access when it's cheap

Most pieces of jewelry are so cheap with us that you don't have to save long for them. You choose because you know that the offers in the outlet are only available for a limited time or for a limited period. Since these are leftover collections, they are usually sold out quickly. Since jewelry is also a free gift, you should recommend our outlet shop to the relevant authorities in good time before Christmas. On the other hand, it is also a good idea to become a giver yourself. Those who buy their Christmas and birthday gifts early in the outlet can realize high savings potential. Because of the savings in our shop, you can either give something of higher quality or give two gifts that go together. The third option is conscious saving. You treated yourself to something else from your savings. Jewelry may not be the most important thing in our life, but it's fun. In addition, accessories and jewelry are interesting from a fashion point of view. Skilled women can use it to make a simple blouse dress look different again and again. Belts and costume jewelry are eye-catchers that distract from the fact that you are wearing the same dress in the office as the month before. Timeless pieces of jewelry often accompany us for many years. We may only wear a striking antique-look stainless steel ring for one season.

If we then change employers, some jewelry may convey the wrong message about the applicant. You have to pay attention to such things today if you want to make a career. In business and in high society, less is basically more. In both areas, you only wear eye-catching accessories or fine jewelry when it comes to a celebratory event. In today's society, the appearance and appearance of a person counts as one of the most basic criteria in order to be able to assess them at least at first glance. In addition to general personal hygiene, individual clothing and special features such as a tower hairstyle or tattoo, jewelry is also part of a person's appearance. As a rule, jewelry is mainly worn by women and girls. But more and more men are choosing to wear more subtle pieces of jewelry. For example, the joint wedding ring counts as a well-recognized piece of jewelry. But there are of course many other items and accessories in the jewelry sector, for example also from the Cesare Paciotti brand. In addition to rings, there are also various bracelets, bangles and chains. The materials for these pieces are very different and cannot be generalized. So it all depends on the taste of the wearer.

Earrings are also very popular and mostly worn by women. However, these basically consist of harder materials. There are also two types of earrings: one must already have a professionally made hole in the ear flap through which the earring can later be pushed or inserted, the other variant can also be worn without a hole; these models are also commonly referred to as clippers. Even men wear earrings now and then. However, these are much smaller and less conspicuous. Necklaces represent another category of jewelry. Here, too, the materials range from gold to plastic: there are no limits to taste. Although the latter variant is much cheaper than processing rare raw materials, the rate of wear and tear and the wear effect are all the greater with such products.

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