How much did Julius Caesar weigh

What was life like in Caesar's time?

The third grade pupils of the Zapfendorf elementary school received insights into Julius Caesar's life at a reading by the author Susanne Rebscher. Your book is called “Julius Caesar” and it reveals a lot about life at the time, about Caesar's career and his campaigns through Europe. The reading took place as part of the "WortSpiele" series of events.

Life as a soldier in the Roman army was not easy. As well as when the helmet alone weighed several kilos ... Such rather less important facts, but also everything worth knowing about Julius Caesar's time, Susanne Rebscher revealed in her reading in the Zapfendorfer community library. The reading in the event series WortSpiele was supported by the Sankt Michaelsbund, which is not only an important contact for libraries in the city and district of Bamberg.

The value of the event was not only seen by the children, who asked enthusiastically and did not want to believe some things. Did Julius Caesar really have a tutor? Why was there no compulsory education? Zapfendorf's mayor Josef Martin and district administrator Dr. Günther Denzler stopped by and listened eagerly to the reading.

Asterix and Obelix against Caesar

Of course, the two most famous "opponents" of Caesar, Asterix and Obelix, were also an issue. It didn't really exist, but the Gaul Vercingetorix, also mentioned in the comics, who wanted to defend Gaul's independence against the Romans. To try out what life was like as a soldier or nobleman in Caesar's time, Susanne Rebscher had brought a soldier's helmet and a toga, the traditional garment of the Romans. The students learned how to wrap a toga around the body and how to wear a helmet.

The “WortSpiele” series of events is taking place for the fourth time this year. It was organized by the district of Upper Franconia in cooperation with the St. Michaelsbund and many local institutions. It consisted of over a hundred literary events. Many readings were also scheduled in schools and libraries from February 17th to March 24th.