What makes a good auto mechanic

Car mechanic: all information about the job!

The profession of car mechanic is right for you if ...

  • practical work is important to you and you enjoy it.
  • you work carefully.
  • you can demonstrate a high level of responsibility.
  • you are ready to learn new things over and over again.
  • you want to work independently.
  • You don't have problems with hard physical work.
  • you can work independently.
  • your fingers and hands can do precise and skillful work.
  • you have a basic technical understanding.
  • your spatial awareness is above average.
  • Maths doesn't give you much trouble.
  • you are communicative and enjoy customer contact.

Table of Contents

  1. definition
  2. Name change
  3. requirements
  4. training
  5. Specializations
  6. tasks
  7. Everyday work
  8. Skill set
  9. canditature
  10. Locations
  11. Salary prospects
  12. further education
  13. Alternative professions
  14. frequently asked Questions
  15. overview

Automotive mechatronics technician - the definition

In today's world, almost nothing works without cars and other vehicles. A life without the quick possibility of transporting people or goods from one place to the next is hardly conceivable today. But what if something is broken on the Germans' favorite means of transport and transport? Then comes the Car mechanic in the game. Repairs, services, maintenance and diagnosis work are in the hands of well-trained specialists. You can find out exactly what this profession is about in the following article.

Name change

Since 2003 the Profession of car mechanic often as Motorcar mechanic designated. In order to do justice to the modern image of the profession, it was decided to combine the professions of car mechanic, car electrician and car mechanic under the name of car mechatronics technician . This was a reaction to the changed requirements in the Automotive technician trade


Basic requirement for training in the field of Automotive mechatronics is a Graduation. Even the secondary school leaving certificate is enough to get an apprenticeship position. However, with a secondary school leaving certificate, the selection is somewhat larger and probably easier. You should do this before starting your training Minimum age of fifteen and be ready to spend the next three and a half years successfully completing your apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship: How to become a car mechanic

To the Profession of car mechanic To be able to exercise, you must first complete an apprenticeship. We have summarized all the information you need here for you.

duration of training

On average you need for one Apprenticeship as a car mechanic three and a half years. However, there are several ways to get one Shortening of training to apply. This happens both before and during your apprenticeship period. For this, however, you have to provide a reason why you do not have to complete the usual three and a half years, but are qualified to obtain a degree earlier. It is possible that you were able to gain work experience in this area before completing your training as a car mechanic, or you achieved above-average performance in the intermediate examination. If you want to shorten this, you must clarify this in any case with your training company and the vocational school. A shortening can only be contractually agreed if both parties agree to your project. In rare cases, the training may also be extended.

Content of the training

The Apprenticeship as a car mechanic becomes dual completed. This means that you will be taught content at the vocational school as well as doing practical work in your training company.

The vocational school is especially for that theoretical background that you need to practice your future profession. This includes subjects such as vehicle knowledge, system knowledge or fault diagnosis. But you will also take general subjects such as social studies, German or economics in your apprenticeship years at the vocational school. In order to give you an exact overview of the learning content of the vocational school, we have created the following list for you:

  • Planning and preparation of work processes
  • Control and evaluation of the work results
  • Quality management
  • Measurements and tests with the help of various measuring devices
  • Communication (operational and technical, internal and external)
  • Vehicle operation
  • Dealing with different systems
  • Maintenance, testing and adjustment of operating equipment and systems
  • Assembly, disassembly and repair of components, assemblies and other systems
  • environmental Protection
  • Fire protection

Your training company sharpens yours practical skills. You will learn to repair or maintain a wide variety of vehicles. Checking the functions of components is just as much in your hands as reading out error memories. However, the content of the training is heavily dependent on the specialization that you have already decided on before your training. The choices are:

  • Passenger car technology
  • Commercial vehicle technology
  • Motorcycle technology
  • System and high-voltage technology
  • Body technology


After the final exam of your apprenticeship, you have the Graduated as a vehicle mechanic apprentice in the bag. You can now apply to the job market.


As a trainee in the field of automotive mechatronics, you can apply for one of five wells decide. You can find out what exactly makes up the different focal points and which is the most interesting specialization for you with the following brief descriptions.

Passenger car technology

In the area of ​​responsibility of Passenger car technology everything is about Vehicles that carry a maximum of nine people can. The main task in this field lies with the Maintenance and repair such means of transport. In addition to testing vehicle technical systems, as a car mechanic you will carry out repairs, replace components or integrate special equipment and additional equipment. In addition, the control of the roadworthiness of the automobiles is in your hands, as well as the control of compliance with the exhaust gas values. Another branch that has grown steadily in recent years is electromobility. Skilled workers in passenger car technology can also work here.

Commercial vehicle technology

This deepening is about that Repair and maintenance of larger commercial vehicles. This includes trucks, construction vehicles, buses and city cleaning vehicles. You are responsible for checking the technical vehicle systems and checking the respective attachments and superstructures. If necessary, you can equip the commercial vehicles with special equipment or repair the required additional systems.

Motorcycle technology

As the name suggests, you are occupied with this recess exclusively with motorcycles. You repair and maintain the motorcycles or implement special requests from various customers. A special feature of this area: You not only take care of repairs and maintenance, but even make the motorcycles yourself

System and high-voltage technology

Is your interest vehicles that have one Electric or hybrid drive own, then you are in the realm of System and high-voltage technology correct. This is about the maintenance and repair of exactly such vehicles. You can also equip these electric or hybrid vehicles with accessories or additional equipment and, if necessary, integrate the required special equipment.

Body technology

The area of Body technology is interesting for you, if your passion is Maintenance and repair of vehicle bodies should lie. You are responsible for classifying damage to vehicle bodies and then repairing them. It can be a car that has been involved in an accident, the frame of which has to be brought back into shape, as well as damage from hail. In this case, you take over the determination of the dent depth and repair the vehicle surface. Afterwards, the Car mechanic for bodywork technology the paint damage that has occurred and, if necessary, carries out measurements on the condition of the brakes, the air conditioning system or the damping system.


The entire Field of activity of vehicle mechatronics rotates around regardless of the depression Repairs and maintenance of various vehicles. In rare cases you also make vehicles yourself, but for the most part you deal with it Assembly or disassembly individual components. The integration of various accessories and special equipment is just as much a part of the professional field as checking the brakes, damping systems or exhaust gas values. Your work ensures that the vehicles comply with roadworthy standards and that safe driving can be guaranteed. The following table shows you the areas of responsibility of the individual specialization options.

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Practical example

To you the Everyday work of a car mechanic To make it clearer, we will introduce you to a classic day of his professional life using Jan as an example.

Jan is a car mechanic for passenger car technology and works in a car repair shop. His working day starts at 7:30 am with the first task: He has to change the oil on a car. First he puts on his work clothes and then gets to work. After he has finished this task, the next one is already on the agenda. Another car needs an inspection. This takes up over three hours of Jan's working day. After the strenuous work, he takes a lunch break with his colleagues. After the break, the next vehicle is ready and the brakes must be replaced. Then Jan changes the tires. Before he carries out an exhaust gas diagnosis on another vehicle, he takes a 15-minute break. After the emissions control, he then comes to the last task of the working day: He has to install new software for an airbag control unit that was issued by the vehicle manufacturer. He follows the written instructions until the software has been successfully installed for the car. After his work is done, Jan changes clothes and goes home at around 4:30 p.m.

Skill set

The training years serve you to learn the skills you need for your later professional life. However, there are a few aspects that you should demonstrate at the beginning of your training. These can be divided into hard and soft skills.

Hard skills

The hard skills primarily include good academic performance in subjects such as mathematics, technology, physics and computer science. In addition, you should have a basic one Interest in technology have. You should work skillfully with your fingers as some work must be carried out precisely by hand.

Soft skills

Often part of the work in the field of vehicle mechatronics is also customer contact. Therefore count among the prerequisites open social system and good interaction with people. It is also essential precise and careful to work, after all, you work on vehicles which, if not operated correctly, can lead to fatal consequences. Due to the sometimes physically demanding work, you also have to do a high level of fitness be able to show.


If you have your canditature If you write, you want one thing above all: To stand out from the large number of possible applicants. In the field of automotive mechanics, it can help you particularly: highlight certain points on your résumé or interests. If you are into practical work and you have always been interested in technology and mechanics, then you can emphasize this in your cover letter. Good grades in math, physics, computer science or works should also be mentioned in your application. Perhaps you have already been able to gain experience in a workshop in your free time or have worked part-time there. This also has a positive effect on your application. Social skills such as willingness to work in a team or willingness to help can also convince a potential employer of you in your application.


Many car mechanics find their job in the Automotive industry. You either work directly with the manufacturer of motor vehicles or with breakdown services. The workplace is often there in Workshops or production halls. Another branch for female car mechanics is offered by retail trade. Here, for example, they are at Car dealerships and vehicle dealers active or work for suppliers.

Nice to know

Did you already know, that?

... the profession of car mechanic did not emerge until 2003? It developed from the sub-areas of automotive mechanics, automotive electrics and automotive mechanics.

... the automotive mechatronics industry is a male domain? Even if the number of women in this profession is increasing, the proportion of men is 90 percent.

Salary: This is how much you earn as a car mechanic

Many trainees want to have an overview of what salary they can expect during and after their training before they start their training. Even if the decision should not be made purely dependent on the financial question, you should inform yourself about your possible salary, as the differences can be very large.

The Salary for car mechanicsare far from bad and are even well above the salaries that are paid in other areas. In the first year of your apprenticeship you will earn an above-average salary of around 850 euros gross per month. That increases with the second year of apprenticeship, there it is already 900 euros gross that you can earn on average per month. In the third year of your apprenticeship there will be another increase in your salary, this is included 950 euros Monthly gross on average. Your salary will then be four-digit in the last year of your training. Here it is on average 1,000 euros, which are paid to the trainees in vehicle mechatronics as gross salary per month.

1st year of apprenticeship2nd year of apprenticeship3rd year of apprenticeship4th year of apprenticeship
850 euros900 euros950 euros1,000 euros

After completing your training, you will receive a average starting salary of 1,500 to 1,900 euros gross per month. Over the years, your salary will continue to increase as your work experience increases. The averages of a Auto mechanic's salary are included 2,520 euros gross monthly. This is the payment for a 38 hour week. Depending on the employer, you can also look forward to additional bonus payments such as Christmas and vacation pay, which can improve your salary a little from time to time.

The further training opportunities

Many professionals become interested in over time Further training opportunitiesto either increase their salary or improve their professional skills. There are a number of options for this in the field of automotive mechatronics.

Vehicle service technician

During your apprenticeship you can already do the Further training to become a vehicle service technician start. You also have the opportunity to do so immediately after completing your training. As part of the training, you will concentrate primarily on inspections, vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and repairs. The average salary as a vehicle service technician is around 2,900 euros gross per month. This is a short version of the advanced training. If you choose the option after completing your apprenticeship, you will only need half a year to graduate part-time.


If you can imagine working as the boss of a workshop or in another management position, then one will come Further training to become a master in question for you. If you work full-time, you can get the additional title within a year and, among other things, become self-employed. If you are interested in the part-time solution, you have to reckon with 22 to 28 months that you will need to achieve your master's degree. In the case of further training to become a master, the costs of the master classes must be taken into account. In total, you should expect an amount of 7,000 to 9,000 euros that will come to you during the entire time. For funding, it can help to look around for suitable scholarships. With the completed master's examination you increase your salary to average 3,400 euros gross per month.


If you choose the academic path of continuing education above all, you must have a university entrance qualification.This means that the path to study is open to you. However, you have to be aware in advance that this is the most time-consuming way of continuing education. For a bachelor's degree, you need an average of three years; if a master’s degree is an option for you, it’s even five in total. As a course of study for motor mechanics, that is above all Study of vehicle technology Interesting. The Salary of an engineer the vehicle technology can later with 60,000 eurosgross annually lie.

Alternative professions

Precision mechanic

If you are not interested in large vehicles but in small precision parts, then you should get this Profession of / -rPrecision mechanictake a closer look. Here you deal with the production of fine motor devices or machines, some of which are handcrafted.

Industrial mechanic

If you enjoy large machines and production systems and you see your professional future in factories and large companies, then this will come Profession of industrial mechanicin question for you. You control and organize production processes and guarantee the smooth functionality of the machines used.

Tool mechanic

If you are interested in mechanical individual parts and have always had fun with small and large tools, you can get the Profession of tool mechaniclook at. Here you not only produce important aids for the construction trade and industry, but also supply medical and surgical companies with the tools you produce.

frequently asked Questions

What does it take to become a car mechanic?

The basic requirement for training as a car mechanic is a school leaving certificate. Some companies also employ apprentices who have not graduated from school, but this is the exception. Most trainers expect a secondary school leaving certificate or even a secondary school leaving certificate.

Is Auto Mechanic a Good Job?

The chances on the job market for car mechanics are very good. The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing and, of course, so is the demand. In addition, regular innovations in the industry provide a boost. The prospects for the future are therefore more than positive.

What is meant by mechatronics?

The interaction of mechanics and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering as well as computer science and information technology is referred to as mechatronics.

Overview: the most important information about the job of a car mechanic:

  • The dual training to become a vehicle mechatronics technician three and a half years.    
  • While you are dealing with the practical activities of your future profession in the training company, the vocational school provides the required theoretical background.
  • Your Starting salary after the completed training is between 1,500 and 1,900 euros Monthly gross.
  • If you want to improve your skills and your salary, you are a car mechanic several ways of further education and training open. This will increase your professional skills, take on more responsible tasks and receive a higher salary.