What do intuition and intuition mean



The adjective intuitive means “based on a presumption”, “subconsciously” or colloquially “from the gut”. So intuitive decisions or judgments are made emotionally.

The origin of the word is in Latin intuition (Assessment, look), which about the French intuitive (intuitively) succeeded in using the German language.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ˌꞮntuiˈtiːf]

Usage examples

He couldn't give me any concrete arguments why he joined the AfD. The decision is complete intuitive like.

On the way home through the dark park, she felt very uncomfortable. Intuitive she felt a latent danger lurking in the undergrowth.

“Many people see that the causes of the sovereign debt crisis have not yet been widely resolved. They distrust the flood of money from the ECB intuitive and seek protection in property, ”said Krämer.
- Chief Economist Krämer: ECB Monetary Policy Boosts House Prices, Zeit Online, March 12, 2016.

Grammar and inflection


intuitivemore intuitivemost intuitive

Strong declination

Masculinemore intuitiveintuitiveintuitiveintuitive
Feminineintuitivemore intuitivemore intuitiveintuitive
Pluralintuitivemore intuitiveintuitiveintuitive

Weak declination

Masculinethe intuitive oneof the intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitive
Femininethe intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitive
neuterthe intuitiveof the intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitive
Pluralthe intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitivethe intuitive

Mixed declension

Masculinenot an intuitive onenot an intuitive onenot an intuitive onenot an intuitive one
Femininenot intuitivenone intuitivenone intuitivenot intuitive
neuternot an intuitive onenot an intuitive onenot an intuitive onenot an intuitive one
Pluralnot intuitivenone intuitivenot an intuitive onenot intuitive

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