What does eBay think of dropshipping

This is how you do dropshipping on eBay with AliExpress


What are eBay and AliExpress?

AliExpress and eBay are two of the most popular online trading platforms and marketplaces, respectively. They have different characteristics and offer different advantages when selling products on the Internet. However, both are characterized by the fact that they offer sellers the opportunity to offer their items to a broad community interested in buying.

» What is eBay

eBayis an internationally known platform where buyers and sellers from all over the world use Auction process Buy products. The winner of the auction pays for the item and has it sent to you. Many eBay products include one Buy it now price, with which the buyer can purchase the product directly and thus end the auction.

Because of its characteristics, eBay is one ideal platform for dropshipping and the sale of products from an external provider.

» What is AliExpress?

AliExpressis a huge Chinese marketplace that has a great variety of products thousands of suppliers offers. It is characterized by really low prices making it an ideal platform for dropshipping resale.

» What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one Business method where there is no need to invest in a warehouse or worry about shipping the products sold as this is done by the respective dropshipping supplier.

With this system, products from an external provider are offered to users as if they were the company's own products and at the price that is considered appropriate in each case. As soon as the sale is complete, the supplier sends the order directly to the end customer.

This is how you do dropshipping on eBay with AliExpress

You can buy on AliExpress and sell on eBay, making the most of both platforms. On the one hand, you can access products at a really cheap price that allows a profitable trading margin, and on the other hand, you have a global sales platform that offers broad visibility as well as a high level of confidence and security for the economic transaction .

In order to be able to carry out dropshipping by combining both platforms, proceed as follows:

1. Registration on both platforms

You need a eBay seller account, which allows items to be uploaded for sale, and a AliExpress account to the products to be able to buyto be uploaded to eBay.

The process of creating, confirming and configuring these accounts is very quick and easy and does not involve any difficulty or loss of time.

2. Choosing a dropshipping tool

There are different Tools that make dropshipping easier and automate tasks related to buying and selling items from different platformssuch as B. DSM Tool or Auto DS.

With this type of tool, you can Monitor AliExpress Products, e.g. B. their price and available stock, and change them automatically in the eBay shop. This eliminates the need to manually add products and make the necessary updates due to price changes or product unavailability. Performing this process without the automation made possible by these types of tools is time-consuming and labor-intensive, making most of these types of projects unfeasible.

3. eBay search for products to sell

Before you start looking for products and providers on AliExpress, it is important to Research within eBay to find out about existing competition, the shipping terms and the item prices to see. This is a more efficient way of finding the right dropshipping providers and products to sell successfully on eBay.

4. Selection of AliExpress sellers

The next step is to look for the products that you want to sell on eBay on the AliExpress marketplace. It is important, Consider the AliExpress vendors or sellers and review their shipping policies, prices, promotions, and user feedback to be sure of the correct vendor for this business model to choose.

The suppliers selected for dropshipping must a certain prestige within the platform to have. For this it is important to check if they have crowns or diamonds, which means that they have received a lot of positive votes and comments and also the platform itself regards them as reliable sellers.

As for the products, it is important to check that they are have ePacketbecause in this case all data can be correctly exported to eBay and the products can be tracked from China to the buyer's location after the sale.

5. Integrate AliExpress products into the eBay shop

With the help of dropshipping tools (highly recommended) or manually, AliExpress products can be added to the eBay shop.

With dropshipping automation tools, you can also automate the shopping process at AliExpress. So when an eBay user buys a product in the shop, the application carries out the purchase using the data of the eBay buyer in AliExpress, so that the AliExpress provider sends the product directly to them.

6. Adjustment of delivery times

A very important part of the ability to dropship and sell AliExpress products on eBay is the Adjustment of delivery times. It should be noted that shipments from China may take some time to arrive and incidents may occur that further delay this delivery time.

It is best to carefully check the delivery times of the dropshipping provider and enter the delivery times on eBay accordingly, including a margin for possible incidents. Besides are also clear, transparent shipping and return conditions necessary to avoid negative comments on eBay, which have a negative impact on the shop and do not allow an increase in sales.

7. Reformulation of the product title

AliExpress sellers often use very long product titles that are often confusing and suboptimal from a digital marketing perspective. These titles should be changed in order to adapt them to your own shop and to make them more eye-catching and informative for eBay buyers.

Although it may seem very complicated at first glance, using AliExpress dropshipping operating on eBay, with good planning and the use of automation tools, you can sell AliExpress products on eBay without investing in inventory or worrying about the delivery process.