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Salaries in the tourism industry: hotel & catering

Earning opportunities in the hotel and catering sector with serious differences

The salaries that employees with various tasks in the hotel industry can earn vary greatly depending on the size of the employer. Anyone who finds a job with an international, large hotel chain or a luxury hotel receives a correspondingly high fee. However, many hotels are small houses that are unable to pay comparatively high wages. As a result, many employees in the hospitality industry do not earn exceptionally well. The employers, some of which are family businesses, often generally agree on low gross salaries. These are increased by any surcharges for night, Sunday and public holiday work. Some hotels take the family status of their employees into account, others limit themselves to the remuneration of work performance based on existing qualifications.

Bartender wages

A bartender is familiar with the history of bars and cocktails. He / she is well versed in working on different types of bars. Bartenders obey hygiene regulations and the applicable house rules. You observe the guidelines for occupational safety, environmental protection and youth protection. Bartenders advise and serve their guests competently and in a friendly manner. Even for career changers, this profession is easy to learn through an IHK exam using a course. The average annual gross income of bartenders is 19,537 euros. The lowest recorded pay for a bartender is 10,978 euros.

barkeepergross / year
Average salary19.537 €
Women18.524 €
Men20.948 €
Lowest salary10.978 €

The salary of a barman


Bar managers are responsible for the smooth running of a hotel's bar. In doing so, they usually take on the guidance of various employees who work for them. Nevertheless, they also prepare mixed drinks and cocktails themselves. Bar managers support banquet events and catering. You maintain contact with guests. For this purpose, they are usually trained in several foreign languages. The difference in wages between men and women is very noticeable in this occupation. A barman earns a gross of 26,346 euros per year, whereas a woman only earns 20,771 euros. In an upscale restaurant, a barman can receive a top salary of up to 46,011 euros.

Barmangross / year
Average salary23.682 €
Women20.771 €
Men26.346 €
Highest salary46.011 €


How much do you earn at reception?


Receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors in a hotel. They organize check-in and departure, answer questions on all concerns and find a solution for every situation. Receptionists are experts in relevant software applications and know all the special features of their house. You have good foreign language skills and have completed vocational training in the hotel industry. An average annual salary for receptionists is 20,584 euros. A difference between the sexes is hardly noticeable in terms of earnings. Men and women earn roughly the same amount at reception. Depending on the house, receptionists can even earn significantly lower gross salaries of 12,108 euros per year.

Receptionistgross / year
Average salary20.584 €
Women20.529 €
Men20.607 €
Lowest salary12.108 €


How much does a reservation agent get?


Almost only female employees are responsible for booking reservations. For this reason, reliable statements for male colleagues cannot be made in this area. For the telephone and computer-aided receipt and booking of reservations, women receive an annual gross fee of 22,498 euros. Some hotels expect a completed commercial training and foreign language skills.

Reservation agentgross / year
Average salary21.795 €
Women22.498 €

Average income for night auditors


Renowned hotels provide the reception service 24 hours a day. Night auditors take on the night shift at reception. During the night they represent the hotel management and guarantee the security of the house. Night porters receive 21,795 euros for their services. The wage level is independent of gender. Women get as much salary as their male colleagues.

Night Auditorgross / year
Average salary21.795 €
Women21.220 €
Men22.988 €

Merit of a concierge


Luxury hotels can afford the position of a concierge. He / she has excellent local knowledge, knows the best shopping tips and is well informed about the city's current hotspots and trends. A hotel concierge is committed to fulfilling the wishes of discerning hotel guests. He / she uses the computer or the 'Cardex', a notebook, where he / she records the special preferences and habits of the regular guests. The attentive tasks of a concierge are paid at an average of 25,277 euros. However, 25% of employed women earn less than 19,848 euros a year and 25% of men receive less than 20,727 euros.

Conciergegross / year
Average salary25.277 €
25% of women earn below19.848 €
25% of men earn below20.727 €

What does a Chef de Partie earn compared to a Chef de Rang?


A Chef de Partie works in the kitchen, while a Chef de Rang is responsible for the serving area outside the kitchen. Both positions are essentially 'workers' positions'. Every 'boss' bears little extra responsibility for processes and subordinate workers. The responsibility is not directly evident in the salary. A chef receives around 24,284 euros a year, a serving chef a similar 23,732 euros. The 'bosses' earn much better when they are employed in a luxury hotel. Here the chef de partie has an income of 48,303 euros and a chef de rang even 55,093 euros per year.

Gross salary / yearChef de PartieChef de Rang
Average salary24.284 €23.732 €
Women22.588 €22.498 €
Men24.815 €24.971 €
Highest salary48.303 €55.093 €

Low wages for barista


Barista (m / f) are experts in preparing coffee. The focus of their activities is the operation and maintenance of espresso machines. The barista uses this to produce various coffee beverages. Hotels and restaurants that afford a barista reward the modern challenges with an average annual fee of EUR 21,800. However, 25% of female employees often earn less than 18,663 euros per year. It is similar with men. 25% receive an annual salary less than 20,797 euros.

Baristagross / year
Average salary21.800 €
25% of women earn below18.663 €
25% of men earn below20.797 €

How much do bakers earn in a hotel?


Hotels that have their own bakery employ men and women as bakers. The earning opportunities are very different depending on gender. Because they stay physically stronger over many years and usually work longer, bakers in the hotel industry earn a good 29,069 euros gross per year. A baker only receives a fee of 21,047 euros for the same tasks.

bakergross / year
Average salary22.741 €
Women21.047 €
Men29.069 €


Top salary for housekeepers in luxury hotels


Housekeepers, also called housekeepers in the industry, organize staffing, work planning and work processes in hotels. For example, you are responsible for the hygiene, cleanliness and safety of the guests on the floor area. Depending on the size of the house, they also take on practical standard and quality assurance tasks themselves. In a large hotel, a housekeeper booked an annual gross wage of 51,085 euros. If you work as a housekeeper in a small house, you may get an average salary of 17,169 euros. In principle, women in housekeeping earn around 2,000 euros more gross per year than men.

Housekeepergross / year
Average salary26.034 €
Women26.234 €
Men24.384 €
Lowest salary17.169 €
Highest salary51.085 €


Breakfast service wages


Guests look forward to a friendly welcome for breakfast and dishes that are always appetizing and appealing. Many hotels offer breakfast in the form of a buffet. A so-called breakfast service ensures that the buffet runs smoothly for hotel visitors. The lowest average salary for service staff in the breakfast room is 15,069 euros. Large and international hotels have their first service a day cost 23,578 euros a year.

Breakfast servicegross / year
Average salary19.549 €
Lowest salary15.069 €
Highest salary23.578 €

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