What drives very successful people

3 things that make really successful people

Are you slower than most of your colleagues? No professional success? And privately it also bumps somehow? Then you should think about exactly these three things: your basic attitude, your way of working and your values. Take an example from the successful ones in business life. You will certainly notice the following:

Successful personalities have a special way of thinking and acting and thus clearly stand out from others.

The following three things contribute to the success - and mostly also happiness - of your own personality:

1. The basic attitude towards life and work

Successful people have the following basic requirements in their way of thinking:

  • You have extremely high levels of energy and motivation
  • You have a high level of enthusiasm
  • You have the urge to question systems and norms on a regular basis
  • Your urge to grow and develop continuously seems to be limitless
  • In the morning they already feel the urge to do something meaningful
  • Just hanging around once seems almost unthinkable for her
  • Compared to others, they feel the need to recover from their tasks much less often
  • Most of what they do is fun and fulfilling. This is how these people recharge their batteries, even though they are actually learning, working or growing in their personality

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2. An efficient & authentic way of working

Successful personalities often work a lot smarter than others. They do their jobs

  • more quickly
  • with less effort
  • maybe even with better results than many other people

And as if all of this wasn't enough, these successful personalities also claim to lead happy and fulfilling lives. If we look closely, we find such people at all levels of a company hierarchy. Successful personalities are not necessarily characterized by the fact that they hold management positions, but rather by the fact that they

  • authentic
  • transparent
  • reliable
  • truly

are. You act intrinsically motivated. It is hardly surprising that every company looks for such personalities with seemingly limitless Development potential and most people want exactly these qualities in connection with a happy and fulfilling life.

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3. Know your own value system

The personal value system expresses what is fundamentally important for us in our life. valuesare our personal beliefs and thus the benchmark for our drive to act. With your help we decide:

  • what is right or wrong
  • what we want to achieve in our life
  • how we behave
  • how we treat other people

When life is consciously based on our personal value structure, more arises:

  • Passion
  • inspiration
  • engagement

We are able to put more perseverance into what we do. In the long run we learn Satisfaction, joie de vivre and happinessbecause we satisfy our values. If we do not find satisfaction in our most important values, we try automatically Pseudo targets to reach. This is both exhausting and frustrating in the long run.

Motivators such as money, status and career do not make us happy if they do not serve to satisfy our most important values.

Values ​​are thus the compass in our life that shows us where to go. It is very important to distinguish whether we really pursue our own values ​​or whether we apply standards because ours social norms, our family, the business environment or what is considered politically correct is what drives us.

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1. Ignore foreign expectations

In order to determine our personal value structure, it is first of all very important to free ourselves from the expectations of others. Because if we set aside what we want out of deepest conviction in favor of the expectations of others, we feel at the mercy of life.

2. Recognize your own value structure

This is not all that difficult once we are intensively with a few Key questions deal with. First of all, this includes these questions:

  • Where do I get my own personal self-confidence from?
  • When do I respect myself and when am I really proud of myself and what I have achieved?
  • When do I feel pain because it attacks the core of my inner beliefs and I can't just overlook it?
  • What in my life is so important to me that I would never risk it and what do I still want to achieve in my life.

Your personal values ​​are what you would fight for if you no longer had them! What you absolutely need to be satisfied.

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3. Use conflicts actively to preserve values

Always in our lives too recurring conflicts can be helpful in recognizing our own values. Regular disputes with business partners about new investments that do not lead to a compromise can be an indication of different values. For one, the value “security” is important for the other, the value “new challenges”. The willingness they have and the other's unwillingness to take on overall responsibility for projects may be due to the opposing values ​​of “influence and power” and “high service orientation”.

4. Convert values ​​into energy & motivation

Our daily behavior always conceals our values, which determine the drive for our actions. Our individual values guide our focus every day, every minute, every second. If we know and live our personal values, we do not allow ourselves to be guided by a whim or a stimulus, but act out inner conviction. This creates the energy and motivation, happiness and satisfaction and this special way of thinking and acting that makes successful personalities and that is sought after in every company today.

Michael Bandt is a people developer, potential developer, personality promoter or simply the leading leadership expert in German-speaking countries. As a professional speaker, top 100 trainer, multiple author and change coach on the topics of achieving goals, living success, leading better and experiencing happiness, he fascinates his listeners with his powerful and polarizing nature.